100 Books You Should Read by the Time You Turn 20- The Printable List

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100 Books You Should Read before You Turn 20- The Printable List

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We are so excited that the post 100 Books You Should Read by the Time You Turn 20 has been so popular. Our teens worked on the list and just since January we’ve had tens of thousands of visitors to the post. Today’s post is a go along for the list – 100 Books You Should Read by the Time you Turn 20- The Printable List.

Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations. – Henry David Thoreau

What Is the List of 100 Books You Should Read before You Turn 20?

This is a list made by our teens in response to the NPR list of 100 books of all time for teens. Our teens didn’t like the NPR list and set about making their own based on their favorites but also what makes a good book to them. Things like provokes discussion and classic made their criteria. Which ones have you read? Which ones are your favorites? Maybe you’d make your own list.

100 Books You Should Read by the Time You Turn 20

The Printable List of 100 Books

Many thanks to the reader who suggested that a printable list of the 100 books would be useful. What a fabulous idea! How can you use this list?

  • Tracking Purposes– of how many books your family has read
  • Keep on Hand– While you visit the library and book sales so you can pick up books from the list
  • Make an Assigned Reading List– It makes a great reference point for books to be sure and read

I’ve thought of some other ways you can use the printed list of 100 Books. As a gift to subscribers, you’ll receive a copy of this mini ebook entitle, 100 Books You Should Read by the Time you Turn 20- A Printable List. The ebook includes the original premise of the list along with the criteria for books to make the list, ways to use the printed list, bonus titles the kids added on based on their personal reading since November when the list of 100 books was made and published, other blog posts on building a reading culture, and a printable checklist of the 100 books with boxes for checking off titles you’ve read.

If you already subscribe, you’ll find the button in your email today. If you haven’t subscribed to Blog, She Wrote yet, take a moment to do so. You’ll get the mini ebook plus the Geography Quest Printable. New subscribers will see the buttons when the next email is sent. Current subscribers, if you missed the Geography printable, it’s still available in your emails.

100 Books You Should by the Time You Turn 20 The Printable List

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Find out More about the 100 Books

If you are still discovering the world of books with your children and teens, then perhaps you could use some more information. While I don’t know of many exhaustive resources, I have come to rely on a few.

Building a reading culture is an important piece of our homeschool. I hope this list will help your family to find new favorites!

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    1. Hi Katrien,
      Thanks so much for being a faithful reader! Yes, the printable is found in the email readers receive but not in the RSS feed alone.

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