Amazing Maker Gifts for Your Curious Teen

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Gift posts are just for the holidays.

Birthdays happen year round.

And any time is a great time for a gift from the heart.

These gifts are excellent choices

for homeschooling high school teens too.

This snazzy list is made up of Amazing Maker Gifts for Your Curious Teen.

Because you if you know anything about a maker, you know that

makers have to make.

And they need all the things

for their big ideas.

Behold, the tools for making big ideas come to life.

Big STEM Items for Your Curious Maker

Amazing Maker Gifts for Your Curious Teen

Tetrix Building System

Tetrix is a robotics building set from Pitsco Education.

They have two different mechanical building systems along with the software to interface with the hardware. It’s an open ended system that allows your student to flex his or her engineering muscles.

Along with the base kit, we recommend the following:

LEGO Mindstorms Home Kit vs Education Kit

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Mindstorms kits are a nice step into robotics and the bonus is that many families already have extra technic pieces around to build on to the system.

After you purchase the base kit, consider these extra options:

Many families are hesitant to invest financially in big STEM items, but it could be one of the best investments you make in your homeschool. Find out why!

6 Reasons to Invest Big in STEM for Your Homeschool

Microcomputers for Your Curious Teen


Arduino boards are a microcontroller for a maker’s projects.

Amazing Maker Gifts for Your Curious Teen

Raspberry Pi

Our youngest does amazing things with his three Raspberry Pis. Want to know more about how to learn with Raspberry Pi? Try learn.adafruit for ideas!

Accessories & Supplies for Your Maker

Amazing Maker Gifts for Your Curious Teen
Joshua follows a tutorial to program his PiGrrl.

If your maker is going to get projects done, then they will need some supplies.

This is our summary list.

  • Helping hands– to hold thing to free up your hands for soldering
  • Soldering Iron– get a good one for quality and ease of work
  • Perf board– for soldering all those components into one unit of awesome
  • Soldering Supplies– flux, wire, etc
  • Metric Tape Measure– because metric!
  • Multimeter– that can do all the things like measure current, resistance, capacitance, and continuity

More Gift Lists for Your Makers

10 Best Tinkering Gifts for Your Inventor

Go big and get your maker the supplies of her dreams!

No regrets.

Because you never know when give your student time and materials will mean all the difference.

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