Cuisenaire Rods

I thought I’d share our occasional adventures with the new rods. J3 and R8 are enjoying some time with the Alphabet book. I did notice right away that with four children using these at once, we need more of them. We’ll get those soon along with the idea books- one for primary and intermediate.

J3 figures out the letter A. He even added, “A says aaahhhhh!”

R8 answers the questions and tries variations according to the directions.

One thing to note, I took the alphabet book apart and put the pages in page protectors so the kids could lay them flat and not ruin them. They just go neatly into a small binder and I put the book cover in the sleeve on the front. I need to do this to our pattern block books too. I know they’d get more play this way and it saves me from copying.

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