Somewhere over the Rainbow…

…dreams of new homeschooling supplies come true! Last week I made the first order for next year’s school supplies from Rainbow Resource. The kids can hardly wait for their arrival. It is an exciting day for homeschoolers!

Here a couple of resources for our new Cuisenaire Rods- roddles are logic games and other activities for older kids and the alphabet book is for younger kids to actually through grade 4. We’ll be adding more rods and books to our next order.

These are R8’s American Sign Language materials- one signing text and two puzzle books for practicing. There’s also a story CD with King Arthur told by Jim Weisse. I hear this is supposed to be amazing. We’ll see.

Here we have a few Dover stained glass coloring books to go with the adventure boxes and Grocery Cart Math- a fun problem solving book to use at the store.

Then we have some homeschooling books for me- The Handbook of Nature Study is a much talked about little book with all kinds of nature notes in it. Anna Botsford Comstock was a naturalist and professor at Cornell. How about that? I’ve been following this blog on using the Handbook. I’m excited. The other two titles are rich in particular homeschool philosophies which we use in part and I thought it would be fun to read more about them.

Next Friday we order again and we’ll have another fun week of anticipation.

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  1. Oh, be still my heart! Only a homeschooling mama could understand! :)I love the Charlotte Mason Companion. It’s one of the most worn of all my HS reference books.LynnPS – updates on Year of the Doll House at my blog.

  2. I’m interested in a review of the cuisenaire alphabet book. I’ve put that in my cart before but then taken it out. We’re starting PK with A-4 (love your codes! *wink*) this year so I thought it might be helpful.

  3. I just placed a Rainbow order a few days ago, and I always love when my big box arrives! Fun. :)I see you have Ruth Beechick’s book, hers are my personal favorite.

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