Adventure Box 4


J2 (just about 3) has a box too and it’s just full of all around preschool/summer fun. I have not gathered his things into one place yet, but hopefully his things will have a spot soon. Honestly, J2 is the busiest boy ever!! At the end of a day I marvel at all that he has done and how he just wants to keep moving. He’ll come up to me at bed time and ask to paint and never wants to hear that it is time to rest for the night. The other day he spent nearly 3 hours in the sandbox! That morning he’d done play doh and cards and all sorts of things. He’s a lot of fun, but Dan and I fervently agree that if we think E9 is a challenge to keep busy, J2 is going to blow him away- in terms of homeschooling challenges. Here are few of the offerings available to J2 this summer adventure.

Some new Usborne fun- train stories book and CD. It is a favorite at our house so the CD was on my list this Usborne year. The Woolly book is a sticker book. J2 is in absolute love with the Farmyard Tales. We read it nightly and sometimes during the day. We have a listening corner in the playroom with some soft chairs and a CD plus a basket full of books and more CDs and he loves to spend time there.

I picked these up the other day at Walmart- I seem to recall that our wooden alphabet puzzle is somewhat incomplete…it is a known fact that there are few letters in the heating duct leading to the boys’ room. I’m just sayin’.
No adventure for J2 would be complete without Play Doh time and plenty of it! He and I love to mold dough together.

Remember those three hours at the sandbox?

Cusienaire alphabet book…
And of course the Cuisenaire rods- which I can see will not be enough if more than one child wants to participate at a time.

So, I hope to keep J2 busy with fun adventures this summer with a variety of fun things. We’ve also got the normal parade of preschooler time items. I like that post a lot. If I had a hall of fame of posts that one would be at the top!

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  1. Love, love, love your adventure boxes! You’ve got some cool stuff in J-2’s box that I’ll have to try for Anna. I just bought a used set of Cuisenaire Rods last week, and now I’m eyeing your C.R. alphabet book. I’ll have to put that one on the wishlist.Your blog always inspires me – thanks for sharing!Shannon

  2. I must say your blog also inspires me… inspires me to think we need a bigger house to store all of this stuff! I am glad the kids will be busy this summer.Loving you!

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