Adventure Box 3


What started out as a racing box for I-5 turned into a Superhero Adventure for our boy!

Here are a few items for the box- coloring and sticker books. The other day I overheard him saying that these were ok, but he can’t wait until he really gets into his box with all the crafts and activities…wasn’t this my time off?

He must have begged half of yesterday for an art project. After dinner I finally went with an oil pastel city drawing…he wanted to do a Batman scene- of course!

Do you have any idea how messy oil pastels are for a lefty?? Here is the finished product green clouds and all! That’s the joker in his copter flying over Gotham city. The symbol high in the night sky- we need you Batman!!

Ideas for this box: (hopefully these will meet with theme approval from the just about 6 yr old!)

  • sticker and coloring book time
  • super hero quests- mostly I’ve come up with reading quests. I have a good stock of post it notes that will that I will put around the house and he will have to dress up as a hero and read the words in order to complete the quest.
  • model magic/play doh time- he can make as many batman and superman symbols as he wants!
  • books- for his birthday he’s getting a small stack of superhero books. We have one on the Flash which has all kinds of facts about speed. He’s getting four more a lot like it so we’ll be busy reading a lot.
  • Still a work on progress- I’ll update as I come up with more ideas. If you have any feel free to comment!

I should add a note about my coupon system– the materials for each of these boxes is in a large ziploc bag inside their regular school boxes. The box gets added to throughout the summer and if there is something that I have that does not fit in the box or is an activity that needs my supervision, when I load the boxes for that week (renew the materials or add a new item) I will put a coupon for the large item or activity in the bag instead. They can redeem the coupon when they want to do that thing.

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  1. It is so cruel to force the kids to work over the summer. Shouldn’t this be their summer vacation? Home schooling is akin to forced educational labor, isn’t it… 😉

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