Doll Apron Design and Gift

R11 and I are putting together gifts for two of her girl cousins. The request was for American Girl craft kits, but R11 and I put together a pretty good plan to capitalize on the cool parts of the kits while adding more to them. I’ll share the full contents of what we are calling The Knit Kits in another post when they are finished, however R11 has been working hard on making one of the elements for the kit. Check out her hard work below.

She started with some sketches for her design- look at those measurements. Swoon- goes her math teacher!

She made the pattern- R11 dislikes using big commercial patterns, but she enjoys making her own. It’ll be fun to see if she can manage to design more complicated things as she gets older.
She lined the cotton fabric with interfacing so that it would be stiff like an apron.

She did fabulous work sewing on the bias tape. We’ve had a very busy project week- homeschooled kid at work!

Molly models what she has so far- looks like a nice pinafore!

Molly has a strap now- R11 went with thick elastic so it would be big enough to fit over the doll’s head and still sit up high on her chest.
The original plan called for a pocket and here it is- topped off with bias tape and it has two sides. That is one fine looking doll apron.

The finished apron. Doesn’t it look sweet?

We are hopeful the apron will be enjoyed by her cousin. R11 did a great job with design and implementation. Included in the kit will be a set of fabric markers so the giftee can decorate the doll apron if she chooses. It brings me joy to watch R11 create something. She’s been a busy girl this week!

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