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Blog She Wrote: Essay Rockstar Online Writing ClassDisclosure: I received enrollment in the class for free. I was compensated for my time and all of the opinions are honest according to my experience with the class. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

Have you ever wanted another pair of eyes for your students’ writing? Do you struggle with grammar and composition in your own writing and are unsure how to teach your children to write? Would you like your children to experience assignments given by someone other than you? Essay Rockstar by Fortuigence is all these things in one online writing class package.

Improve Your Writing Skills with a Writing Mentor in Your Home

Lily Iatridis provides your student with precise essay writing assignments. There is a video explanation along with written directions and resources within the webroom for each essay. Lily gives your student personal feedback via email within the webroom. She is quick to answer student and parent questions. I was able to give her a lot of feedback on how the class was working for my students and she was very helpful in personalizing the experience for them.

Essay Rockstar is taught in a web based format using the learning center. Assignments are given through this interface along with editing feedback and other resource information. The initial assessment and rubrics are found here as well. Finally, your students will work to write and publish their work right there on the computer. Our children really liked this part- especially my then 10th grader.

Grades are not issued at the end of the class, but the essay writing process fits well into your overall writing program and parents give the grade based on performance throughout the process.

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Types of Essays Taught in this Homeschool Writing Class

  • Personal Essay
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Textual Analysis Essay

Benefits of Enrolling in Essay Rockstar

  • Self Paced– there is no pressure to keep to a schedule. Your students will work on the essay assignments at the rate which is comfortable for him (and for you as the parent teacher).
  • Initial Assessment– Lily will use a writing assessment tool to determine where your student is with her writing skills. This is important as you go forward because you want a writing coach who knows how far to stretch your student’s skills.
  • Clear Assignments with a Target in Mind– the videos she provides explain the assignment. She also shares the assignment in writing in the webroom. Students can see the rubric for each essay and work toward the goal using resources provided in the online classroom.
  • Access to the Teacher– students receive feedback from the instructor and they are free to ask questions and get clarification as needed. Feedback is one on one and Lily takes the time to answer and edit thoroughly.
  • Key Essay Choices– the online class includes all the big contenders for a high schooler’s future essay success on college entrance exams, college applications, and college assignments. (Personal, Persuasive, Expository, Textual Analysis )

Essay Rockstar is a Self-Paced Online Writing Class

Which is advantageous to the student in many ways. Struggling students can have the time they need to work through each assignment and Lily is ready to coach the process each step of the way.

The down side to self pacing is maintaining momentum throughout the assignment. I speak from experience on this. You may know about our Occasionally Motivated High Schooler. The self-paced nature of the class slowed us down. Keeping forward movement means making sure at each step in the process of one essay is done in succession until the assignment is complete. Fortuigence published a blog post on Strong Work Study Habits Everybody Needs that you might find helpful.

If you have a student who is not a finisher, Essay Rockstar works best when the parent stays on top of the instructor feedback and progress. Allowing the teacher the room to mentor is how the class benefits students the most.

What do My Kids Think of Essay Rockstar?

I had my 9th and 7th grader work through Essay Rockstar (in addition to their regular studies) and they both enjoyed it for different reasons. My 9th grader loved the computer interface. He prefers to draft his writing on the computer so working with the webroom has been very enjoyable to him. His persuasive essay topic was how reading aloud to kids affects their reading ability.

My 7th grader loved the online graphic organizer she was introduced to through Essay Rockstar. Bubbles with words inside make her very happy! Her personal essay is all about her creative pursuits. Both students will continue until they finish all the essay assignments as 10th and 8th graders.

The cost for Essay Rockstar is $149.00 and includes four essay assignment modules.

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Sign Up for the Free Course for Parents

Lily is offering a free course for parents. Parents who enroll and take the free course, will receive a 20% discount to Essay Rockstar. A note from Lily:

I invite you to grab access to Top Teach: 7 Steps to Gain the Confidence, the Know How and an Easy to Follow Framework to Ensure Your Child Learns to Write Well at Home. Top Teach is a short online course that supports you in setting a powerful setting for your kids to become strong writers. Like baking a cake from scratch, if you don’t have the right ingredients from the start, you’ll end up with a flop in your kitchen. A $79 value- yours free! I wouldn’t delay. It is available for a limited time only.

Essay Rockstar has been a positive experience for our homeschool. Our children will continue to complete the work they’ve begun in this class.

If your homeschool could use an outside writing mentor, I encourage you to explore Essay Rockstar.

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