How to Earn High School Fine Art Credit with Masterpiece Society


It’s time for putting together your homeschooling high school plan. Will you include a fine art? Even if your state doesn’t require it, fine arts round out a high schooler’s four year plan well. How to Earn High School Fine Art Credit with Masterpiece Society talks about what fine art looks like in the high school years and features The Masterpiece Society membership as a way to fulfill that credit requirement.

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We’ve been using the art instruction materials from The Masterpiece Society for over 8 years!

When they added the Art School courses to their line up, I knew we could use them for high school visual art credit.

Fine Art High School Credit

boy holding sketching pencils with a smile
Believe it or not, this kid is a high schooler!

Does your teen study fine art in high school?

Some areas require it and others do not.

Well rounded-ness is a highly sought after commodity in the college admission world.

Does your student take time to be creative?

You can achieve fine art credits through:

  • music theory and learning and instrument
  • voice-lessons and performance
  • dance
  • graphic arts- computer graphics
  • digital art- like pixel art
  • visual art- through other media like sculpture, paints, pencils, etc

Today, we’ll dig a little deeper into a resource for visual art.

Visual Art Credit in High School

teen girl painting with acryclics

Our daughter had 5 credits of visual art on her high school transcript in addition to her 5 credits of sewing and design.

Largely these visual art courses were based on resources we put together.

Rebecca learns best when she is in charge of her learning.

So, any outsourcing we do is with this in mind.

Here’s a brief look at some of the criteria we used to make up her course:

  • Improve techniques
  • Learn new techniques
  • Practice both new and old skills
  • Apply skills to projects
  • Repeat

Benefits of a Masterpiece Society Membership

teen painting by a creek

The courses inside The Masterpiece Society help us to achieve our visual art goals in high school.

Take a look at the library of courses:

  • Mixed Media for all Seasons– a chance to work with inspiring projects based on seasonal aesthetics
  • Art School 101– full courses on technique and theory in the areas of Drawing, Watercolor, Acrylics & Oils, and Pastels. This is where the meat of the high school instruction is. You start with Drawing 101 as a foundation before painting in other media.
  • Mixing with the Masters– a series of courses on copying the great artists in many time periods and styles. Honestly, these might be my favorite behind Drawing 101, but I’m looking forward to Watercolor 101 as well.
  • Masterpiece Moms– which include lessons and virtual paint parties for moms and teens. So much to enjoy!
  • LiterARTure Lessons– that combine art with literature. So inspiring even for middle grade novels and up.
  • Art Appreciation– rotating resources for studying artists. You can download these to use later before they rotate out.

These are just the courses for teens. If you have younger children who haven’t arrived at high school yet, there is a whole set of resources for them along with an earlier start on mixed media.

Learn the Best Way to Work with Creative Teens

It took me a while to figure out how to help a creative teen thrive.

I want to help you avoid my initial mistakes.

Will you join me?

You’ll get support for homeschooling creative teens through weekly challenges and lots of resources and ideas!


More about Homeschooling High School Fine Art

paint brushes in a jar on a studio table

Teaching creative teens is a BIG part of what we do!

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  • Preparing your teen for college admission, so they enter confidently their top pick when the time comes

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