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Blog, She Wrote: Geography Quest- Europe Edition

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Today we are making a stop on the continent of Europe. What a rich gathering of cultures we can find here! Enjoy time spent discovering the countries from the “old world”.

Take a Tour of Europe

  • Using Time for Kids Around the World you can visit this continent and see pictures along with common foods, products, and famous places. Check out some destinations from this site in the next several links.
  • England– You can find basic stats along with pictures, history, and maps.
  • France– if you click on the cities within this sightseeing map, you’ll see a picture of an attraction there.
  • Italy– on this page you can take a quiz after you’ve been through the rest of the site on the country.
  • Greece– here you can find a day in the life of a child in the country.
  • Iceland– native lingo allows you to hear the language spoken by a native of the country. What a find!
  • Map Your Favorite Destinations– in and around Europe. If you took the website tour, you will have plenty of thoughts on which ones you liked best. Save it for the future and you’ll know all the places you want to visit given the chance.
  • Map Famous European Landmarks– you might even find pictures of the iconic structures to place them on your map.

There are more European countries left to explore on the Time for Kids website, but those links will show you the various parts of the website available for each country.

Blog, She Wrote: Geography Quest- Europe Edition

Play Games to Learn European Geography

  • Ticket to Ride Europe– pictured above and mentioned in the game post, you can never go wrong pulling this one out. We like to play with the 1912 Expansion set because it has longer route tickets and there are number of ways you can play to enjoy the game.
  • 10 Days in Europe– another in the 10 Days series of games, Europe offers travelers the chance to move by foot, air, and ship as they try to set up a sequential itinerary before the other players.

Blog, She Wrote: Geography Quest- Europe Edition

Resources to Enjoy European Geography

A rather random list of books both fiction and non-fiction that take place in Europe.

  • DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Great Britain– fabulous photographs in this look at England and the British Isles. I love to have this one out on a table top and open whenever we are studying this country. You can’t help but to be drawn in.
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth– Begins in Iceland to go under the ground and what the explorers discover there. The Kindle edition is free. Enjoy this title today!
  • Inkheart– and the sequels. This story takes place in Europe, mainly Italy. It’s sort of in this world with characters from books entering our world and in the sequels the characters here end up in the other world.
  • Swallows & Amazons– the series. Takes place in the Lake District of England and beyond.

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