History Quest: Robert Fulton Edition

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History Quest Robert Fulton Edition

It’s time for a new History Quest! November is full of fun historical birthdays. Today we are going to celebrate two. The first is Robert Fulton born on November 14, 1765. History Quests are written for you and your students to enjoy either as a quick learning adventure or something more in depth. You get to choose. Up next History Quest: Robert Fulton Edition.

Who Is Robert Fulton?

First, let’s find out a little about our birthday boy. Feel free to add in more as you read about him.

  • Where was he born?
  • What was his education?
  • What was his first occupation?
  • At what age did he change his career?
  • Name the new career.
  • Can you find out what he is famous for?
  • Identify three places named for Robert Fulton. Is there one in your state?

Robert Fulton’s Invention

By now you probably have read about Mr. Fulton’s invention. It’s what he is remembered for.

  • Where did he learn about steam power?
  • Who was his partner?
  • What other machines did he invent?
  • What was the name of his successful steamboat?
  • In what state did the steamboat take its maiden voyage?

Find out More about Steam Power

Fulton was not the originator of the first steam boat or steam power. Let’s find out more about this topic.

  • How does steam power a machine?
  • Name other machines which used to run on steam.
  • Who invented the first steam engine?
  • How long was steam power used in American’s history?

Other iHN members are sharing birthday posts today. Who will you learn about?

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