Life of Fred Elementary

For those of you who don’t know, there are some new Fred books available– for kids not ready for Fractions! So far we’ve purchased Apples and Butterflies, but I can see we’ll be adding Cats and Dogs very quickly. J6 cannot put it down! He reads to me from it daily and we have been having such a good time with it. Yes, school is getting underway here whether I’m ready or not! Isn’t that what happens when new school books arrive?

J6 loves Fred. LOVE it when he reads and laughs. Priceless.

J6 has been reading away and telling us all about deciduous trees and teeth and Archimedes the mathematician. His first grade math is off to a fantastic start. I’m finalizing plans and getting things in order to begin a new year in earnest. I’ll share soon what the plan is for everyone.

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  1. Heather! Thank you for posting this! I had no idea, but I have them in my cart to order tonight! I'm so jazzed! My elementary math woes are over! We love Fred!Thanky, thanky for sharing. 🙂

  2. Very good to hear that you (and your son) like them 🙂 We are using LoF PreAlgebra and Beginning Algebra here and we love them. Plan to go all the way with them 🙂

  3. I'm so glad you posted about these. Both of my children are in Horizons math and do fine with it. I do, however, want to make their education richer and more interesting. Life of Fred really intrigued me, and now I think I'm sold. Thanks!

  4. Heather, is Life of Fred: Apples the first in the series? Which do I begin with? I also have a 14 year I believe may need some remedial work? What do you recommend? Thank you for sharing this.Sara

  5. Sara, Apples is the first in the elementary series.Where to start depends on your kids. Fractions is the place to start for older kids so I would say for your 14 yo it depends on how far you want to go back. If you click the link in the post, you'll go to the concept page for each book. it's all there for you to check out. Good luck!Heather

  6. Heather, do you know how long it would take a child to do a book? Is one book one year's worth of school? I noticed they're 18 or so chapters long, but the page says that each chapter is a lesson.

  7. Seamstress- it is a chapter per lesson so I would say it would not last a year.If you hit the link there, you can go to the FAQ on the main home page for Polka Dot Publishing. He answers a lot of questions there.We are Math on the Level users so I don't worry about whether it will cover a whole year. I have other tricks in my bag. : )Heather

  8. Wow! Thanks for the newsflash!I was planning to pick up Fractions for my homeschooled daughter to go with Horizons next year. I'll have to check these out!

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