T-Shirt Refashion: American Girl Style


Busy with another project today, R11 refashioned a t-shirt for her dolls. I gave her an old MOPS t- shirt and she surprised me by making it into a tank top for her dolls. There are tons of ways to remake an old t-shirt so hang on to them and see what happens!

Kirsten is wearing a refashioned t-shirt tank featuring the 2006 MOPS theme logo.

Zone 15 is a vintage term for MOPS in NY State. We are now Area 22 NY and New England.
Our designer decided to go with something a little different in the back using her book as a guide.

Here we have the addition of two seams (one got turned around on her- oops!) and a tie back design.

The second t-shirt refashioning book- this one is less fashion and more accessories and stuff

Kirsten makes a great model.

The original- warning some of these are just plain ugly and some could never be worn modestly, but there a few really cute designs worth trying!

Clearly, she is on a creative streak! I’ve been bouncing around several ideas around for her school year, but we are going to start with our American Girl units again. You have to strike while the iron is hot and she won’t be 11 and in love with her dolls forever- sniff. I have some special things planned which I’ll be happy to share very soon. To toss out one hint…I9 will be joining the studies which will include an American Girl and some American Boy studies as well. It’s still coming together, but it will be memorable!

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