Measuring Investigations

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In math we are doing a unit on geometry and measurement. We started with some simple investigations of measurement- specifically length and volume this day.

R10 is counting out her steps across the room
The kids recorded their estimates and results on our chalkboard. I love a good chalkboard.
We went outside to record steps across the yard in several directions and recorded the results.
We measured the volume of water using both non-standard and standard measurements.
We’ve been using some of the Math Mammoth Measurement 1 materials. The kids have been enjoying it.

During our family math time, we’ll be doing various activities with measurement. The older kids will be working on circle geometry in addition to conversions both within the English system and between it and the metric system.

After we did the measurements in the yard, we walked up and down our street to determine the length and we found that it’s about a third of a mile. We used pedometers, but this weekend I’d like to try it with marking a bicycle wheel. We’ll determine the number of rotations and then once we know the circumference we can do some distance calculations.

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