Nim’s Island Salt Dough Maps

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I finally found it! The place were I can safely and easily set up a theme table for our current unit study. At long last. This dresser is in our dining room and gets little traffic and stays clutter free. So, now that the rest of the kitchen and dining room painting is done, I thought I’d finally change the wall hanging arrangement and get moving. That wooden sign used to be on the dresser top, but I like it up on the wall. Below it are the gallery frames minus one which are sadly lacking in up-to-dateness. We’ll work on that.

Love the banner- I have some thoughts on this one I’ll share soon. Probably over at Heart of the Matter. I think. We’ll see.
Check out the unit display! I hope to have some more objects in the future, but for now this is great. I put the salt up there with the cardboard and they guess it was salt dough map time. I’ve got a few ocean resources, volcano resources, and weather resources this week and next. After that I will switch things up a bit.

The salt dough- I had to modify the recipe as it was too wet.

J4 in character making a salt dough island. The kids worked on the back porch and stopped between actions at the splash center (had to show a pic, but it’s discontinued).

They decided they wanted to make their own so we worked on making models of Nim’s Island complete with the coves, pools, hissing rocks, and fire mountain.

It was difficult to work with until I mixed up another batch and add more dry dough for them. This one belongs to E10.

R9’s Nim’s Island- nice fire mountain R!

We’ll let these dry. Usually it takes much longer than the two days recommended. I’ll plan to have the kids paint them up when we return from camping which will be next week.

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  1. What a great idea! If you don't mind I'll link it to my Nim's Island blog. Your kids might like to know that I've made a salt dough model of the mountain in the book I'm working on now – so they're working the same the author is!

  2. Wow! My kids will so excited to hear this Wendy. I can't tell you how much our kids enjoy the book and how much we enjoyed studying Arabella at this time last year.Thanks for leaving a comment!Heather

  3. Your display table looks fabulous! What a wonderful way to show your kids how important their project is to your home and family.

  4. i know this is a long time ago now, but I'm preparing a Nim's Island e-activity book to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (Australia.) I'd like to link to this post, but would also love it if if could use one of the salt dough island pictures in the ebook, directly above your link. Would you be happy for me to do this?bestWendy

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