Math Chip Game: High/Low

I’m behind on sharing with you all how we used our chips last week. I took a game suggestion from the comments on my number chip post and went with it. We played two rounds. The first round the kids got to read their number and decided whether they wanted to keep it or put it back. If they chose a second number, they had to keep it whether they liked it or not. The first round they were looking for the highest number. The second round they were look for the lowest number. I let them choose five numbers for a complete round.

This was a great activity for my second grader, my fourth grader, and my sixth grader. When the rounds were over they had to add the numbers and find their total. I-7 got his first lesson in regrouping/carrying which he thought totally rocked.

That was just a little run at it. Next time I will have E10 do an average and R9 can get her first crack at averages. Everyone can find the median which we did the other day (more on that later).

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  1. We have a bunch of blank chips and I think this would be a GREAT way to review averages, mean, & median with my 4th grade daughter. Thanks for sharing!!!

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