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For the past few weeks we’ve been doing a study on oceans using a unit study by Amanda Bennett. We’ve combined it with two FIAR titles- Night of the Moonjellies and Arabella. We are still working on this study, but here is what we’ve done so far.

E9’s notebook cover

R8’s notebook cover- she likes to layer

I-6’s cover must involve Batman in some way

For Night of the Moonjellies we made menus to our favorite hotdog stand Mar-Gra’s and we reviewed hot and cool colors with a collage.

Each day we discover something about a new sea animal

For NOTMJ we reviwed New England States. We talked about things we’d find in the ocean. Here I-6 dictated a few things to me.

The older kids have to define some words related to the ocean and draw pictures. For the ocean study, there is a quote for everyone to copy each day- makes for great handwriting practice.

The older kids took a quiz on the oceans of the world

R8’s drawing of Mar-Gra’s on the beach

R8’s menu and the inside of the state book- her book tabs match the color of the state map…clever

In both NOTMJ and Arabella the characters have a treasure. I asked the kids to each collect some treasures to share about. I-6 gathered up his best super hero gear!

R8 chose her beloved hippo, a flower book to represent her art, and one of her favorite books to represent reading. She decided representation was best because she couldn’t possibly fit all her favorites into one bag.

Our FIAR theme meal from last week- lobster rolls and oven fries from the FIAR cookbook. I modify the recipe- no paprika for us! It’s Old Bay all the way!!

The finished product- I’m thinkin’ a real, live Maine lobster roll would taste waaayyy better than this one! It did remind me we need a trip to the Maine coast to get some yummo fresh lobster and butter sauce.

This week the kids have been studying Arabella. They’ve had a great time hearing this sailing story and we’ll have a few more things to share with you.

Right now they have all chosen and island to research in secret and will report on them this evening at dinner. We may have to extend the deadline by one day since I think many salt dough maps of islands want to be made. I’m not sure how much longer these island studies will remain secret. I’ll update with the remainder of our ocean study next week.

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  1. Hi Heather–It looks like you’re having waaaay too much fun over there! What a great unit for all of you!I was visiting The Craft Crow…and, thought of your ocean study…did you see she has a sea shell matching game? It’s for all ages… perhaps you could p/u shells at the dollar store along with sea stickers and do the same! Keep blogging, because I’m reading! Michele (ivy)

  2. Hi! I came here from Barb’s blog Handbook of Nature Study. I love your colorful blog and your post mentioning lobster caught my attention. We had a New England feast Okie style at my blog if you want to check it out, it’s good for a laugh! Blessings, Julie homeschoolblogger.com/oldschoolmarm

  3. Hey W! I really enjoyed “seeing” into your study on oceans! You all are having so much fun it makes me wish we were there with ya!!Hugs,Wendy (KY)

  4. Wow, you really made lobster rolls! We stuck with the Mar-gra’s burgers!;) I love your treasures idea. I think I am posting about our NOTMJ adventures tomorrow! Then we are moving on to Gramma’s walk.

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