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So, we pulled out this game last weekend or so and now our kids are like Yahtzee CrAzY!! I can’t tell you how much I played this game as a kid. It was one of the only games my parents (mostly my mom) would play with me. Her hidden agenda clearly the same as it was with Scrabble: Heather needs practice. Thanks Mom!

R7 is the Yahtzee queen and last week wrote a tall tale involving the game and her tendency to get Yahtzee. Everyone was losing and I got three or more Yahtzees…

The post below talks about engaging kids in their lessons. How’s this for engaging? R7 is notorious for omitting capital letters- on names AND the starts of sentences. I had just reminded her and looked over her tall tale rough draft. When I came to the word “yahtzee” I told her it needed to be capitalized. She disagreed saying that in this case the word is not a proper noun but the act of getting a Yahtzee. Oh really? We decided to post a poll on the FIAR forum and those other moms all sided with R7 and were impressed that she was capable of such an astute argument. Admittedly, I was jumping for joy inside because now I know the truth: Miss R7 has a case of the careless capitals!

We also found out something else about the little girl who is sooooo easily distracted from her math work: She is the mental math queen able to leap large addition problems in a single bound! Way to go super girl!

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