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Twice a year we like to hit the Friends of the Library sale in May and October. So, a few weeks ago we took the time to search the endless stacks of donated books. We always find some treasures. I’ve noticed in lately that I’m focusing on finding some different sorts of books than I did in the past. I no longer comb through the picture books much since I have most of the FIAR titles. Now I’m more interested in books for my almost high schooler and the students that are following behind him in middle school. Here are the results:

I hit the jackpot on field guides! I was so excited to see the “finder” books. These are dichotomous keys and will take some time to teach the kids how to use.
I found some great birding books along with some books on raptors. Keeping the passion for falconry alive through stories of other falconers.
I picked up a few classics. This will be on E’s list of things to read in 9th grade.

I try not to pass up the chance to own Newbury books- Carry On Mr. Bowditch is one of our all time favorites! These are already added to the bins in our cubbies where we keep the others.

One early American History book and some Janice VanCleave. We had a great haul this time around!

For the first time, I went back to the sale on ten cent day and I scored 11 more books for $1.10. I’m going to share those as I post about E13’s plans for next year. I was able to find some really nice living books on the topic of early America and our founding fathers. Stay tuned!

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  1. Honestly, one of these days I am going to fly out there and go to that book sale WITH you! You always score so big!! Congratulations!

  2. Great haul! I love used book sales. Can't wait to hear about what you got at the 10 cent sale and the plans for E13.Sarah

  3. Wow, those are some fantastic finds! I went to our library sale recently, and found some things, but nothing like your stash. WTG!

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