Sewing Camp News & {How to Pull it Together}


We are set to begin sewing camp again next weekend. Our original start date was postponed due to much illness. I don’t know about you all, but we have already had the first intense little cold this season. I think everyone is almost on the mend! The last one came down with it the other day and he is holding his own so far. We’ve been on break since the spring time because of the move. We are excited to get going again.

What happens at Sewing Camp? We host 5 other girls and their moms at our house to work on sewing projects. We have some fun things to try this year- in particular, I’m looking forward to making some batik fabric.

How do we decide what project to do? As you can imagine, blogland is full of ideas and sewing blogs to give you ideas. R12 and I also really enjoy the Craftsy platform and have purchased some classes to enjoy together and sometimes with our Sewing Camp crowd.

How often do we meet? With so many busy schedules, we’ve had success with Sunday afternoons after church once a month. It might be fun to meet more often, but we have one family who travels an hour to get here and other folks keep busier routines than we do. This works really well for all of us. We go from about 1-5pm. We usually serve a quick lunch and get started. Camp ends when it’s time for two of the girls (and E14) to head to youth group.

How is Sewing Camp Set Up? We provide two sewing machines and a serger and another mom brings one or two machines and her serger. We set the machines up on tables and we have a cutting table as well. I put up some initial directions on our whiteboard/chalkboard and we explain how to get started. Then the girls just dive in and the moms give a assistance where we can. One mom is loaded with sewing skillz so we all get to learn from her!

Why Sewing Camp? I was looking for a way to get R12 together with other people who like to sew and to learn from others and with others without the big cost involved in taking classes. If you’d like to read more about how we pour into our children’s passions, you can read about it in the 10 Days Series by the same name. Sewing Camp is a way for us to do that with R12 and her sewing at a more reasonable cost with some friends.

I have compiled all of our Sewing Camp posts into one place and you can find the button (like the picture above) in my left hand side bar. I’ll continue to add to it and I hope you’ll find it encouraging. I hope to share some ways to get started with sewing at home and maybe that’s another great topic for a vlog post!

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