Sewing Camp {October}


After some time off, we started up with Sewing Camp again. Sewing Camp (or more accurately Sewing Club but you cannot deny the fun at camp so I like the kitschy name) is a group of girls and their moms who gather together to sew- we sew fun things which teach a new skill or practice an old one. We all pitch in to pick projects and patterns and help the girls to work. We also make our own sometimes for more practice for ourselves. The best part of Sewing Camp, besides sewing with friends, is the cost. This is a materials and time only venture. And so worth our effort!

In October, we worked on the girls’ patchwork tiered skirts from last summer. Some of the girls had to add some length, but in general it went very well.

This project lent itself very well to using a serger. Finished seams are so fun to make with a serger! We just finished Sewing Camp December (postponed from November) so I thought I’d better finally post about October.

R12 needs to add in her elastic waistband and she’ll be modeling her creation soon. This month we worked on sewing caddies. We’re hoping for an extra meeting over the holidays. She spent today working on a related project while the machine was still on our school table.

It’s been enjoyable watching how independent the girls have become over the last year. We have some plans to make a batik among other fun adventures and we like to have the girls give input to project ideas. The most difficult part? Getting all the tastes and talents to agree on the next project!

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