Top 10 Apps & Gadgets for a Multi-Interest Homeschool

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Top Ten Apps & Gadgets for a Multi-Interest Homeschool

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The bloggers at the iHomeschool Network are sharing their favorite homeschool gadgets today and I thought it would be fun to join in and share ours. The list would  not be complete without not only mentioning the gadgets but also the apps and software we use with them. You’ll find a variety of items which suit our children’s passions. Today’s post- Top Ten Apps & Gadgets for a Multi- Interest Homeschool.

How to Homeschool with a Kindle

Gadgets Which Feed Our Interests

Kindle– In both the eReader and Tablet form. Through today, the 8G Kindle Fire is $34.99 and you can add an SD card for more memory. Our Kindles have been a wonderful addition to our homeschool.

Digital Microscope– For our biological explorations. Everyone can participate and it’s a versatile tool.

LEGO Mindstorms– The newest version is the EV3 and we challenge our engineers with computer programming and solid mechanics with this technology.

How to Make a Marble Speed Trap with LEGO Mindstorms

Arduino– Our 10yo loves his Arduino board. It’s used for programming. He’s done some unique work with this equipment.

Apps & Software for Engaged Homeschoolers

Top Ten Apps & Gadgets for a Multi-Interest Homeschool

WonderMaps– This is maps software from Bright Ideas Press. All the maps are customizable, easy to access, and printed easily with any combination of features you want! Through CyberMonday you can also get 30% off with the code, fridayblack.

Evernote– This app helps me to take meeting notes wherever I am. I use it for sermon notes, lists, and just about anything else I might have jotted down on paper. You can grab links and pieces of web pages and store it in Evernote as well. My daughter uses Evernote as a portfolio for her creative work. It’s an easy place to store all the bits and pieces that go with a particular project. One of the things I enjoy about Evernote is the ability to synch different devices. I can take notes on my laptop and see them or add to them later on my phone or my Kindle. That’s a win. Last week I ran a whole meeting from my Evernote outline on my phone.

Merriam Webster– I have this app on both my phone and my Kindle. I use the phone for quick reference and I have the unabridged version in our Kindle account. While I love a print dictionary for so many reasons and we use it regularly, the dictionary app makes seeing definitions, antonyms, synonyms, and pronunciation easy.

Audible– Do you have kids who love audio books? We love our Audible membership! The app can go on any device and it makes listening to stories so much less cumbersome than having CDs or separate mp3 files.

Netflix– If you are a member of Netflix, you can have a Netflix app on your mobile devices and computer. This takes the show on the road- literally.

Craftsy– This platform makes is easy to learn a new craft or skill inexpensively. We’ve taken many classes and continue to refer to them when they are finished. I will continue to highlight our favorites, but if you are interested, click the link and enjoy most classes at $19.99 through CyberMonday.

And for the baker’s dozen, I will mention Scrivener which is an author program I’ve started using recently. Our senior, who is a writer, is looking forward to this for his new laptop after Christmas.

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WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press

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