Sewing Camp October- Boys Allowed!


Sewing Camp met on a Sunday a few weeks ago for our October date. The girls came over in the afternoon and we even had materials and time for some little brothers to join in on the fun.

R11 is working on her first apple.

J6 has been dying to try the sewing machine. He is standing working the pedal and I’m steering. A grand start to his sewing experience!

J6 has always been a fan of cutting. This was a bit tough, but he did well.

Just look at all this busy!

The girls worked on the skirts they began in August. We are in the home stretch!

Camper E13 made many apples of different styles and she made a garland with hers.

I9 did his own sewing which went very well. He’s also been hand sewing up a storm and recently completed a nerf dart pouch and a stuffed cat. His stitches are looking pretty good.

The fall fabric stash…we picked this up at our favorite reuse sewing shop and it’s provided a lot of fabric choices for fall sewing fun this season.

Our sewing pal, Mrs. R, had prepared these for her sewing school class and gave us the leftovers.

The finished product for R11.
I9’s apples…he did a great job!

J6’s apple- isn’t that nice?

We put ours on the pencil tree in our dining room.

This was definitely a very successful Sewing Camp Sunday. I think the short project allowed the girls to be very independent and to finish a lot of different designs. I’m working on the planning for Sewing Camp November and I’m giving some different ideas consideration including another short, seasonal item in addition to some other projects.

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