October Sewing Camp Project


We’ve moved sewing camp to Sunday afternoons for the fall and winter. It worked out pretty well a few weeks ago. This time, with the help of a sewing friend, we did a short seasonal project that was really very satisfying. The process is called reverse applique and it was a lot of fun! Here’s a peak at the process. I’ll share the camp pictures next time.

First you need a pattern, two pieces of fabric (wrong sides together), and two pieces of felt. you can mix and match, but I left mine matching.

You sew it all together right on top of the pattern line and pull away the pattern. That part is pretty cool.

You are left with this and you can begin cutting away around the outside leaving about a quarter inch outside the seam.

Then you cut away the felt on the inside making sure not to clip the fabric underneath- leave the quarter inch beyond the same to make that nice border. I also cut leaves from the scrap felt.

Next, I zig-zagged on the string which is a strip of tshirt- you just cut the strip from a shirt and you stretch it and it rolls like that. Very fine way of reusing old tshirts.

Next up is the leaf- I didn’t do veins on this particular one, but in the next post you’ll see some creative leaves from our campers.
Another choice of colors- we had plenty of choices that day, you’ll see!

Two finished apples!

But then I got to thinking about how cool it would be to make a pumpkin the same way…

We’re off to a good start!

Well…it sorta looks like a 1970s Christmas bulb ornament, but I did my best to dress it up with raffia and a cinnamon stick. It was an improvement, but only by a little! Some adjustments would be necessary to make this work well.

Stay tuned for some pictures of Sewing Camp Sunday! I’m already planning for our November Sewing Camp Sunday. Lately the girls have been choosing various projects. I’ll share some ideas soon. Sewing Camp has been worth every bit of effort on my part. The girls are having fun and I always have a friend to help and the cost is just for materials- which is almost the best part.

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