The Sewing Journal

When I saw this in the store is spoke to me. It said, “Sewing Journal”.
R10 thought it was a terrific idea and she started right away. This is the cover page.
The first entry is that skirt that’s on Kit a few posts below.
The next two are longer which is fabulous! One is a pair of headphone cozies she made for Dan (the foam covering the ear pieces is coming off) and the other is her sewing basket.   

I’m still having trouble formatting  my posts with the new Blogger posting interface. Sorry about the weirdness. I’m not sure I have time in my life to figure it out all at once so bear with me. Once such quandary is how can I add text to the area before the pictures begin once the pictures are loaded.

So, the sewing journal was a gift to have thought of and I’m so glad I did! R10 is all about recording the things she has made and adding new things. For example, the sewing basket she made really was an idea for the journal that she made after she wrote about it. She also is very excited to share this book with others so we are editing as needed. So far, this has been a great tool to get R excited about writing. She even asked if could only do one per day or if she could do more!

At first, she wanted to be sure more of her details could be in the drawings rather than in the writing. However, she loved the idea and was willing to give it a try. Now she eagerly grabs it to write down the next entry. She’s also excited to put prints of her real work in it. I know you’ll be hearing more about R10’s Sewing Journal. I’m delighted to have found something to do with writing that is inspiring to her! (besides poetry)

Is there something  your child is passionate about that would make a good journaling experience? We are still doing the Year of the Dollhouse journaling which is give and take, but this is something R can record on her own and just think of the keepsake it will be when she is older!

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