Sewing Camp Day 2 (cont)


The girls picked out great fabrics and they enjoyed learning how to connect the fabric and make the tiers of their skirt.

R11 is sewing her strip together

Remember all those long strips she sewed together? This was after she cut them down (the picture above is her making them into a circle). Each of these will be a tier in the skirt.

The girls had to do some math to figure out the length of the new strips- how their hips measured and then 1.5 times that to allow for a nice ruffle.

Our school table makes a great place to have lots of sewing machines. We don’t have a ton of space so be encouraged! If I can do this in 1400 sq feet with 14 people, you can do it at your house!

This is going to be a great skirt- just look at those fun colors!

One camper chose to start and finish her bag. She was sick during the last camp day. Great job!

So, our next camp day is Monday the 29th and we have one scheduled for later in the week on the first if we have things to finish up or we want to do a project in a day. This has been great. The girls have had a lot of fun and without too much effort, we’ve been able to replicate the sewing school experience with little expense. I would definitely do it again. In fact, I’m considering a once a month afternoon. Hopefully, we’ll see some takers.

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  1. 'Can't wait to see the finished skirts! Looks like a fun project. 'Wish I was close enough to join your sewing you,Grandma

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