Ten Things That Make a Great Homeschool Day

Blog She Wrote: Ten Things That Make a Great Homeschool Day

Reading Aloud-

Nothing makes the day go better than taking time to read aloud together. We usually have one selection going for the whole family. I read to subsets of the kids as well either in pairs/groups or individually- for school and for fun. This is a great way to start the homeschool day and it’s a guarantee when trying to get things back on track for the day or to soothe the crazies. Reading to your kids or having them read to you is always, always time well spent.

Project Time-

Our kids always have something going on. We usually have project time/time for pursuing passions in the afternoons, but I do break from that if a child is deep into a project and making progress. I love to capture that time in my project journal/plan book and to conference with the kids on what they are doing and what their next steps are.

Blog She Wrote: Ten Things That Make a Great Homeschool Day

Playing Games-

We love to play games together. This is another great relationship builder for kids. The game is not as important as spending time together and whatever game you choose, you are sure to need various skill sets to get to the end of the game.

Blog She Wrote: Ten Things That Make a Great Homeschool Day

Nature Walk-

We love to take some time outdoors to breathe in the fresh air and to make observations. You can base a lot of inquiry off of the things you observe. Since catching our snake last week, R12 has done a lot of research on how to take care of it. There are so many possibilities including art, science, etc.

Blog She Wrote: Ten Things That Make a Great Homeschool Day


I love to see how each child will make something different from the same assignment with the same instruction. It can be quite a task to get everyone to buy into art time at the same time, but once it’s up and going it’s delightful. I always have a place in mind to share finished products even if means rotating them.

Blog She Wrote: Ten Things That Make a Great Homeschool Day

Dinner Time-

This is a fabulous time around the dinner table when we share our events and discoveries with Dan. I love to hear what the kids say about their school day. Dan is a good listener and he is very quick to give his perspective and add new things to the conversation or to give the kids new challenges.

Writing Conferences-

This is when I meet with my kids individually and go over their latest point in the writing process. I love to coach my kids’ writing and watch the piece come clearly into focus from many ideas. This is one of those things that requires a little time, but it’s worth it to see their ideas come together using common grammatical conventions.


This includes any activities where students share ideas. I see this all the time at our homeschool co-op along with forums designed specifically for curriculum my kids are using. I enjoy seeing my kids collaborate with friends and mentors (outside of me) to solve problems, gather input, and share accomplishments. For One Year Adventure Novel this year, E14 has been collaborating with other students getting feedback on his characters and he was able to submit half of his novel for another mentor student to read after winning a poetry contest on the forum. They collaborate with each other as well- one day last week R12 was recording J7 doing a tutorial on paper boxes. I love to watch them put ideas together to work on something for one child’s school work. It brings out some of our kids’ best qualities. Or the worst! But they work through it.

Blog She Wrote: Ten Things That Make My Homeschool DaySpreading Out & Immersing-

I love to see my kids sprawled throughout the house engaged in some school activity. They might be looking up a country in an atlas on the floor or standing up at a map. One might be in a comfortable chair using the laptop for an essay assignment. Another might sit at the computer working on programming or a project. It’s so encouraging to see everyone engaged in something.

Blog She Wrote: Ten Things That Make My Homeschool Day Discovery-

It’s a great homeschool day when kids make a discovery. Even if they don’t discover it for themselves, it’s nice to see what others have discovered and sometimes it inspires other ideas for the kids to try.

Any one of these things will make a great day of homeschooling. Many times more than one takes place in a day. But, they all don’t have to happen on the same day for it to be a great homeschool day. What sorts of things make your homeschool day?

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    • says

      Thanks Jamie!

      Our homeschool looked different when the kids were all young- I had more routine and more one thing to the next. As the kids have gotten older (and can all read well), I have to micromanage less and I mentor a lot more. It makes our day look very relaxed!

    • says

      Joan we’ve had that map for years! Bought a two pack laminated set from Staples. My 7yo is standing on a love seat to get to it. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Colleen says

    Great list Heather! Thank you! We started dedicated Project Time today. My son and daughter are currently making pirate robots out of recycled materials and lots of fun embellishments. Thank you for always being a source of encouragement. My daughter also has started a fishing journal and that has been a springboard for all sorts of research and knowledge.

  2. says

    Wonderful! We love board games, art, and reading aloud too. Though most of the read alouds occur in the car nowadays via an audio book. We are on the go so much with their activities anymore. :)

  3. Michelle says

    I’d love to read more about the writing conferences. I am always looking for ideas of how to help kids with writing. Can you elaborate on how you do that with your kids?!

    • Heather Woodie says

      Sure- mainly we talk over their writing together. First, I have them look for certain things in their own writing to work on self-editing skills. Then we look over it and if the writer is young and the writing is full of mistakes, I have them read it to me. Usually they read the piece beautifully and then I can discuss with them the need for proper grammar- if you want others to read it the way you do, you must learn to use punctuation to make that happen! I make notes on what we’ve discussed and they work another draft. It goes along like that.


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