Ball Gown Part 3


I know the suspense has been killing everyone! Today’s pictures are from the third fitting so that Mrs. R could set the zipper. Then the bottom few pictures are of the final fitting and after the hem was reset as determined needed to happen last time and the crinoline as gathered vertically in the front to be under the skirt. Instead of breaking it up into two posts, I’ll just do the pre-ball pictures tomorrow!

The bodice is made from a red cotton type cloth and the sleeves and peplum are from the original dress. Under that is the top tier skirt, but you can’t see the bottom layer yet.

As you can see the hem is still too long and the bodice isn’t fitted yet because this was the measurement for the zipper to be set. You can see the extra peplum ruffle just hanging on the back. The sleeves are perfect!

Another view of the back…we’re getting there!

Ok so the color is better seen in those other photos. The dress is still a maroon color! But here you can see Mrs. R added a flower to the sleeve- to match the ruffles.

This flower is movable, but we may use it right there to cover the zipper. The zipper is a separating zipper so it’s easy to get in and out of the gown.

The top tier with the extra ruffle…we have yards of it, but I’m not sure if R11 has plans for it or not.

A peek at the final design! Notice we have some accessories starting to appear, but I won’t ruin any more surprises. Again, the color is not that shocking orangy red!

Isn’t it amazing?

A shout out to the creative, fun, and adoring Mrs. R for such a labor of love for Miss Bliss! Stay tuned for the final pictures with will include all the accessories- so more surprises coming! I’ll make sure to take some nice detailed pictures of the final design with accessories on the big night! Along with a handsome young E13 and their father Dan who will also be in Civil War attire for the evening.

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