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As promised, here is a look at some ways we display our pastels around the house. In our old house we had one gallery in our dining room. At the new house I’ve had a grand time decorating and finding places for the kids’ work to be displayed. How about a look?

This is my Creative Memories magnetic frame. I wanted it up on the wall, but my scrapbooking things were still packed. So, I made a collage with artwork and some watercolored paper behind it.
I love the way this arrangement turned out by the front door. The photograph is one my mom took (I switch out several of her photos throughout the seasons) and the next one is a frame I picked up and I put I10’s pastel leaf in it. The color matches and it looks sweet- the dollar store wallie was a quick add-on.
The original gallery frames– this was a tough one, but I chose to put them on a wall in the kitchen that faces the door we use regularly. It’s time to make some new art for these frames. I love that they are “floating frames” so it doesn’t matter what size the paper is when you begin (as long as it isn’t bigger!).
Remember these pastels? I put them all in the powder room with terrific results. At the time we didn’t have more frames so R12 collected some twigs from the yard and we used twine to hang them on the wall. We thought it was lovely, but the wind created by closing the door made it hard for one in particular to stay on the wall!
This week I upgraded to dollar store frames. Even the second hand store over-charged for a used frame so I thought I’d try the dollar store. I bought a nice variety of frames to try. These frames replaced our twigs and twine. I’m looking forward to the Christmas project for the bathroom this month.
This one really makes me smile every time I’m at the kitchen sink! It happens to be just above our instant hot water faucet for tea and coffee. Another second hand frame, it adds such great dimension to the art that our children create.

The best part about decorating with the kids’ artwork is that we get to decorate authentically and inexpensively. The children love that their work is there for others to see. It makes me smile to see the fruit of our work together throughout the house. It also makes our art studies and projects more meaningful.

Now that I’ve just posted about our fall artwork, it’s time to get going on our Christmas projects so we can have a seasonal look about the house. I’ve received frequent compliments on the pieces of framed art we have scattered around the house. I encourage you to look for ways you can decorate using your children’s art.

How do you display your kids’ artwork in your homeschool?

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  1. Happy to inspire! I hope you'll have as much fun sharing your kids' art work around.I get so many compliments which is really so lovely for all of us. Probably my favorites are the teacup in the kitchen window and the fall pastels in the powder room.

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