Fun with Pastels

Can you believe how quickly this season is passing? I’ve been trying to soak it in especially now that the sun is out more often than not lately. We’ve had a lot of gray and rain this autumn. In October we took some time to enjoy a chalk pastel project. Tricia over at Hodgepodge has a wonderful set of tutorials. I posted on the Blog, She Wrote facebook page about Tricia’s free chalk pastel tutorials, but I wanted to be sure and share here on the blog as well.

One of our favorites from last year was the Apple or Pumpkin lesson. Since ours were still packed away and we wanted to decorate for the season, we made some more! And we tried the fall leaves.

The kids all tried several apples & pumpkins- a few tried leaves. Even E14, who doesn’t particularly enjoy flexing his artistic muscles, enjoys chalk pastels.

R12 started making her own designs. She really lights up when I pull out the pastels.

Pastels are so fun to use and so forgiving! Next, I want to share what we did with some of these after we finished making them. The results were splendid so stay tuned!

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  1. Oh what beautiful pumpkins and leaves!! Thank you for sharing. I sure love hearing how much you enjoy pastels. We have also been going back and enjoying the same lessons again to see how we have improved. As you said, pastels are very forgiving. You can just gently smudge something away and 'fix' it the way you like. Thank you Heather!

  2. I love those tutorials! All so beautiful-we did the harvest moon one and now have 4 versions of it on a cupboard in our kitchen. We will need to do some more soon-everyone here had a great time with it!

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