Conquer Adaptable Planning with The Flexible Homeschool App

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I was given temporary access to A Flexible Homeschool App and I was compensated for my time in writing. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

If you’re like me, your homeschool can change day to day. Homeschooling High School means being consistent, but homeschooling teens with chronic illness means being flexible too. Conquer Adaptable Planning with the Flexible Homeschool App is an introduction to a techy planning tool perfect for a relaxed homeschooling family.

Techie tools sometimes mean way too much overhead in data collection to be sustainable.

I’m all about sustainable practices in homeschooling.

Will this resource be a good fit for your family?

Why Flexible Homeschool Planning

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With all the curriculum and information to teach, along with detailed plans many curriculum publishers provide, why seek something to be so flexible?

There are a variety of reasons your homeschool may not operate on a step by step move to the next thing routine:

  • Approach to homeschooling is relaxed– data heavy planners are not useful for relaxed homeschooling
  • Teach special needs students– who are on their own timeline for learning
  • Facilitate gifted learners– who may binge learn and go faster or slower depending on the week
  • Journal unschooling experiences– those who record learning on the back end
  • Have a spontaneous nature– in aspects of homeschooling
  • Engage in interest led rabbit holes– and want to adjust pre-made plans
  • Live a travel lifestyle– which means each new day holds a grand adventure in a new place

Benefits of Flexible Homeschool App

Online planners are popular. So, what sets the Flexible Homeschool App apart?

  • Quick set up– it’s easy to get up and running
  • Requires minimal data– for usage. Just a few basics per student that don’t require tons of data input before the app becomes useful
  • Lets you define courses– and the time devoted to each one each week
  • Uses daily blocks– rather than timed blocks
  • Allows resource linking– right within each course
  • Acts as an electronic journal– type in what you want your students to do inside each course.
  • Makes changes easily– once you miss a lesson, you can reschedule it easily
  • Adapts to any device– whether you prefer to use your phone, a tablet, or a computer. It’s not an app but a responsive website suited for any platform.
  • Lacks overdue notifications– so the work doesn’t stack up and make you feel behind when chances are you never intended to have a due date

The Homeschool Flexible App is designed to work with a relaxed homeschool setting.

It fits the bill for a electronic planning and journaling the way other electronic planners do not.

The one improvement I’d like to see is a student only interface so that assignments can be emailed to the student or seen in a student account. Right now they can view the main account on any device which works well if they have access to one and have the main account accessed.

Flexible Homeschool App Discount & Giveaway

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More on Planning with Flexibility

teen boy doing school work at a table

Flexible Homeschool App is an adaptable online planning resource.

It’s a perfect fit for families who want to go paperless and still be flexible.

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  1. I use paper but have been searching for something digital to use during the high school years. This looks very promising!

  2. I am very interested in this new way of planning. I think it would be very helpful. Thank you for sharing! I would love to win 6 months!!

  3. I am usually a paper planner, but sometimes the papers get lost in the storm of littles. I may have to look into this one. Thanks for the tip!

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