Resources for Studying Life in a Pond

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Ponds make a fruitful stop for studying elements of an ecosystem. They provide many opportunities for using your microscope. Resources for Studying Life in a Pond sets the stage and offers materials to go with your study.

a pond at sunset

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Spring is here in the northern hemisphere,

beckoning us to go outside and study!

Spring time brings vernal pools and it’s perfect for observing ponds beginning to wake up after a long winter.

Study Pond Life Year Round

Different seasons bring different activity within the pond ecosystem.

How about some big picture ideas for approaching a pond study:

  • Survey the plants– both in and around the pond
  • Look for animals– in the water and the area around the pond
  • Search for animal tracks– near the edge of the pond in the mud
  • Discuss the pond ecosystem– what makes a pond a unique habitat for plants and animals

Resources for Observing Pond Life

pond field guides, a petri dishes, and bioculars
  • One Small Square Pond– the illustrations in this series are beautiful and detailed and it comes with activities in the margins. This book is a visual learner’s paradise even in middle and high school!
  • Pond Life– a revised and updated Golden Guide to pond flora and fauna.
  • A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America– If you have a dissecting microscope or a stereo scope you can look at larger organisms in detail. This is especially helpful for budding entomologists, but anyone who likes identifying water critters will love this resource.
  • Peaceful Ponds from Nature Explorers– a pond nature unit study
  • LED Microscope– the microscope we use from Home Science Tools
  • Microscopic Life Kit– our favorite kit for the microscope, it comes with everything you need to make slides and see tiny organisms!

Observe Life in a Pond under a Microscope

a pond in the fall with cat tails

Your Guide to Year Round Nature Study

Each calendar has a nature study activity set for each month of the year. Subscribers get all of the calendars bundled together with instructions for using them.

Download the calendar eBook, print, and record your observations!

Pond Art Resources

Pond Nature Video Art Lessons

Because I love it when a plan comes together, pond life is a lovely subject for your art lessons.

And, Nana from makes the perfect addition to your science lessons.

Artist Clubhouse Video Art Lessons Sampler

One of the things I love about Nana’s lessons are the facts and extra tidbits she mentions during her lessons.

They make each lesson truly special!

Ponds are peaceful,


and exciting.

Make sure to take time to visit and learn more about this ecosystem close to home.

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