Geography Quest: Thanksgiving Edition

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Geography Quest Thanksgiving Edition Learn about the journey of the Pilgrims to North America and explore American Thanksgiving traditions.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week’s Geography Quest was a treasure hunt which landed us in the country of England after a worldwide continent hop.

This week, we are off to trace the voyage of the Pilgrim’s from their origin in England to the colony of Plymouth in the New World in

Geography Quest: Thanksgiving Edition.

How Do I Implement a Geography Quest in My Homeschool?

Your children can work together on finding out different pieces of the day’s assignment.

Things go more smoothly for multiple ages working together,

if I help them with some guidelines:

  • Answer the questions together using reference books and websites.
  • Try to avoid just Googling the answer. Use websites such as National Geographic for Kids.
  • Write down the answer.
  • Work together without arguing or hogging. Work as a team.
  • Everyone must have a turn being the “recorder” – so it’s not the same person each day.
  • Everyone will contribute to the answer at dinner time. Make sure you include everyone.
  • Discuss where you can find the answers and give assignments according to age and ability.

Mapping the Route of the Pilgrims to the New World

  • Name the starting point for the Pilgrims who chose to leave their home for a new land.
  • Trace their journey to the first stop they made. Where did the Pilgrims first set up a community outside of England?
  • Map the next stop. They went back to England before going to the New World.
  • Identify the journey to North America. Where did they make landfall?
  • Place the Pilgrims’ landing spot on the map.

Explore Thanksgiving Traditions

Geography Quest Thanksgiving Edition
Cranberry Bread from Cranberry Thanksgiving is one of our favorite traditions.

Have you ever thought about the traditions you have if you celebrate American Thanksgiving?

Let’s do that now!

  • Name some of your immediate family’s Thanksgiving traditions.
  • Name traditions that are part of your extended family.
  • Do you visit family on Thanksgiving?
  • Do you invite friends for Thanksgiving dinner?
  • Compare your traditions to a friend’s.
  • Compare your traditions with a friend from another region of the country.
  • Identify Thanksgiving traditions your parents had as kids that they don’t do now.
  • Make a list of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions.
  • List the traditions you’d like to add to your celebration.
  • Describe your favorite Thanksgiving food.

Thanksgiving Art

Fall Video Art Lessons for All Ages

Another way to enjoy a Geography Quest is to enjoy some art relating to the topic. Enjoy some time with the Chalk Pastels Fall Art Video Lessons.

However you celebrate Thanksgiving,

remember to be thankful for those around you

as you enjoy your favorite traditions.

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