Geography Quest: World Travel Treasure Hunt

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Blog, She Wrote: Geography Quest

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We’ve been Questing for a whole month already! Time for a new Geography Quest Treasure Hunt. This month we’ll be traveling the world again. Good luck!

World Travel Treasure Hunt

  • Start in “The Land Down Under”.
  • Travel by boat to meet some “Kiwis”.
  • Journey through the Pacific to the location of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
  • Fly to an island known for its natural springs and pools. Hint: This island had a volcanic eruption not too long ago which diverted a lot of air traffic.
  • Make your last stop in the country which is home to Victoria Falls.

You have arrived in our destination continent. What is it?

Blog, She Wrote: Geography Quest

WonderMaps Allows You to Customize Your Maps

It used to frustrate me to look for free maps only to have them be too small or too cluttered. I’ve also got a lot of outline maps from other sources. Last spring I finally invested in WonderMaps and it’s all I use now. What pushed me over the edge to purchase WonderMaps? The customizing features.

Each map has a menu like the one above which allows you to simply click or unclick any of the listed features.

  • longitude and latitude lines
  • color or black and white
  • rivers
  • river names
  • borders
  • country names
  • city and town locations
  • city and town names
  • terrain labels

Though I have many choices for maps, my go to is WonderMaps. I hate spending time looking for just the right map. WonderMaps lets me get a map made quickly for my students when the need arises.

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WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press

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