My Favorite Posts from 2015

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My Favorite Posts from 2015

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Reader favorites are a reflection of how often a post was visited throughout the year. Today I’m sharing the posts that were my favorites this year. I suppose there is some overlap with reader favorites, but I’ve chosen to make a new list. My Favorite Posts from 2015:

Favorite Science Posts from 2015

When they can think for themselves, make connections between disparate bits of information, observe with interest, ask their own questions and unashamedly follow an interest in any direction, they are in league with some of the greatest scientists in history. – Free Range Learning

How to Teach Science through the Lives of Scientists– This has been a successful mainstay in our homeschool for all of our children. Studying scientists is a fun way to explore science.

How to Teach Science through the Lives of Scientists

Trail Planning Using Topographical Quadrant Maps– We did this as part of our year of earth science and geography. It was a great activity for our two oldest kids to teach them how to read and interpret topographical maps and to make their own.

Science Quest Observing Onion Cells– I snuck this one in at the end of 2015 probably well after many readers were finished and taking a holiday break. This is the first of what I hope to be many science lesson posts here at Blog, She Wrote. I’m getting back to my science educator roots and plan to share more posts specifically on secondary school science.

Favorite Technology Posts 2015

How to Make a YouTube Playlist– This is a corollary to reader favorite, Best Educational YouTube Channels for Homeschoolers. Now that you have all best channels, learn how to make a playlist for your children to view all the goodness.

How to Make a Marble Speed Trap with LEGO Mindstorms– This is another lesson post this time for engineering. I’d like to follow this one up with the same lesson only without the Mindstorms computer. I’ll give directions for going about it the old fashioned way.

How to Make a Marble Speed Trap with LEGO Mindstorms

How to Use Google Earth in Your Homeschool– Learn how to put this techy globe to work for you. I’ve included basic instructions along with resources for doing more with Google Earth with your kids.

Favorite Posts on General Encouragement

The Myth of Independence– How much is too much independence? What does independence really mean for our students?

Why Your Husband May Not Be Helping with the Homeschooling– Now that I have your attention, this post is all about how to include dads at what dads do best to enhance your homeschool.

10 Best Practices for a Successful Homeschool Year– This is a list I made years ago in an open letter to new homeschool parents. I updated it and made it new. This is a great mid-year reminder for us all.

Fostering Collaboration with Morning Meeting Time– This is such a sweet way to begin our day! It’s how we gather in and include everyone from 5th to 12th grade during read alouds, discussions, and items for the day.

Fostering Collaboration with Morning Meeting Time

Favorite Math & Writing Posts 2015

Using Writing Conferences to Coach Writing– This is both a summary with the details of how we teach writing in our homeschool. I’ve been using a coaching method from the beginning which yields wonderful results over time.

Teaching & Mentoring High School Math– Homeschool parents are often intimidated by higher level math. So, how do you mentor your high school student in this area?

10 Ways to Use Ordinary Notebook Paper– This year I made one landing page for an old series on how to use notebook paper in your homeschool. I’m a huge fan of this simple tool and all the ways it can bring creativity to your homeschool world. Let go of the constant chase for the perfect printable and embrace the freedom of plain notebook paper. You won’t regret it!

Favorite Reading Posts of 2015

How to Turn Emergent Readers into Super Readers– What happens when phonics are mastered, but fluency isn’t fully in place? Read! This post is full of tips on what to read and what not to read and everything in between.

How to Engage Your Teens with Books– I was inspired to write this post to encourage parents with all kinds of kids to continue or start reading with their teens. I elaborated on this theme in several posts and in a master class at The Read Aloud Revival. If you’d like to see the class, you can sign up for a trial month at RAR and view the class and get the goodies that go with it along with all the other classes and resources over there.

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Heather Woodie Ebook Cover Transparent

I’m looking forward to a new year of blogging in 2016. Look for new lessons,plans, and continued encouragement along the way. Thanks for being a Blog, She Wrote reader!

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