Sewing Camp Day 2


We had our second day of sewing camp on Monday. We had 14 people here- 3 moms, 5 campers, and a bunch of brothers- and a little sister. The girls were working on a patchwork tiered skirt. First they needed to cut their fabric into strips and then they sewed the strips together.

Some strips were 2.5 inches and some were longer. We left it up to the girls.

After sewing the strips together, the girls cut those into strips that will make the layers of the skirt.

There were all kinds of great fabric. I really like this batik design. This will be a great skirt!

As is R11’s trademark, she chose a turquoise and aqua theme.

They even ironed successfully…R11 has written a Code of Conduct (which I will have to share!) and she wants to add, “Never mess with an iron.” to it based on an early ironing incident at her sewing school.

Our next date is scheduled for August 29th.We’ll work on the skirts again and see if we can’t finish them up. I have another set of pictures to share…for some reason Blogger won’t let me add them here. So, I give up! Two posts it is.

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