Pond Study: Chalk Pastel Marsh

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Barb at the Handbook of Nature Study Blog suggested an art project in her August Newsletter. Tricia at Hodgepodge has a tutorial on how to chalk a marsh. Fun fun fun! So, Tricia please tell Nana thanks for us! It was a splendid time.

Isn’t it cool, we found a place just like our drawing? Originally, I had the project planned to do on a quiet afternoon while camping. Somehow, it never happened.

J6 had a good time with this one- he waffled between enjoying the mess and then not so much enjoying it!

R11, ever the artist, really liked to scumble! You simply have to look that word up!

A lovely finished product.

A first grade masterpiece.

I love this one from I9…just look at that sky!

E12 did a fine job as well- he’s not always a fan of the art projects, but he is a good sport and gives them a whirl.

Happiness is a full gallery of new art work. Don’t you just want to go there?

Our pastels- see the little box? A gift from an artist pastor. He hoped we could find a use for them. Um…yes!

Of course, I gave it a shot. Not a masterpiece but it sure was fun to do!

This was a great little project! We will definitely be checking out some more of Nana’s tutorials. And chalk pastels, although they are a bit messy, are really fun to work with- have you looked up “scumble” yet? Because that’s really fun!

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  1. Oh beautiful, fun, messy and wonderful! So glad you all enjoyed Nana's tutorial. Scumbling and fisting are our favorites. Thank you for sharing, fellow pastel artists! ~Tricia

  2. Every time I read a post I just want the three of us to come and live at your place to be home schooled! You really do a wonderful job and I love your suggestions…keep it coming! Blessings, Renelle

  3. Hey there!I am Nana from Hodgepodgemom, and I wanted to let you and your children know that I think your marsh pastels are beautiful! Keep up the great work!Nana

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