Sewing Camp Day 3


Two weeks ago almost now, we had our last day of summer sewing camp. The girls had a great time and so did a lot of brothers. You may not realize that each day we had a house full of girls sewing, we also had lots of brothers and one little sister hanging around having a grand play date. We ate in shifts and there was no trouble at all. Because of course the brothers understood completely how much of a privilege it is to have a play date simultaneously with sewing camp! I’ll let the pictures tell the story of sewing bliss.

One camper had been at a slumber party the night before…a late night before sewing camp leads to a lot of stitch picking! Be warned!
R11 is measuring to see how long her next tier should be- in non-standard units.
One camper opted for a lovely Asian dress instead- gorgeous fabric!
She also went home and made a few things for her doll like this mini-version of her bag.
Look at that…it’s lined too!
E13 (R’s friend not brother!) also threw together a skirt like the one we are working on for her doll.
Aren’t these fun fabrics? Can’t wait to see the finished skirt!
Finally, the girls worked on the yoke of their skirt!
Remember that fabulous batik fabric from last time? It looks really nice with the denim, no?
J6 and J4 had a grand time together- I even pulled out the playdough.
The older boys, four of them, played games, video games and had light saber battles. Of course.
We all tried out a “new to us” tool…behold The Serger. Ok seriously, if you’ve never used one of these things it is Uh-mazing! I grew quite addicted to running all those seams.
The spoils of The Serger.
Our sewing station…we didn’t have all the room in the world, but it was adequate for us.

Another successful day of sewing camp! We did not get a chance to finish the skirts this day and we’ve decided to continue on with sewing camp throughout the year. I think we’re aiming for once a month. Our next time together will be next Monday after our Co-op. We are hoping to finish the skirts. We are in discussions on the next project, but we are thinking of doing a hand bag.

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