Sewing Camp November


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about Sewing Camp, but we’ve been busy. In November we met on the 19th and we made some Lola Owl Bags. This was a fun project- perfect for young sewing enthusiasts and we even had I9 join us this time. He’s been sewing his own angry birds like crazy and we were missing some of the girls so this was a great day for him to join us on camp day.

Broken arm girl is working on sewing a wing- it gets a zig zag stitch over and over to make the decorative stitching around the wings.

Does this make a really fine looking Lola or what? I love her fabric choices!
E is our finished project friend. She goes home and finishes up anything she didn’t get done during camp. She sent me this photo of her finished Lola Bag.

I9’s color choices-  he worked on “guying up” Lola.

R’s Lola- she’s almost ready to assemble into a bag. My bag will be the opposite- the brown is the owl and the green will be the wings. I try to do most of the projects (but not all) just to get some practice in while working with the campers.

Yesterday we had our December Sewing Camp and some of the girls worked more on Lola and we even added Max, which I’ll share with you next. This week we plan to finish up the Lola Bags as part of our Project School week. Hopefully we’ll have some finished bags to share soon!

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