Crazy Awesome Gifts for Your History Loving Teen

Crazy Awesome Gifts for Your History Loving Teen

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Sometimes when history is presented in such a relevant manner,

you encounter a teen who cannot get enough of


Homeschooling high school gives us plenty of opportunities to

make history come alive.

This list is for the teen who adores history- Crazy Awesome Gifts for Your History Loving Teen.

Books & Magazines for Your History Loving Teen

Crazy Awesome Gifts for Your History Loving Teen

The sky is the limit when it comes to books on history.

The trick is picking up the excellent ones.

Some of our favorite authors of history are David McCullough, Stephen Ambrose, and Joseph Ellis.

Here are a few of our special favorites:

If you find a good author of history,

you’ve got it made.

It’s a gift to bring non-fiction to life.

History loving teens,

could read on their favorite topic forever.

Audio Gifts for Your History Loving Teen

10 Best Podcasts for Inquisitve Teens

Opportunities for teens to hear about history are abounding.

In places like


audio books

and radio channels.

This is a list of tools and content ideas for your audio loving teen.

Kindle Fire– an economical entry into the world of tablets for teens who don’t have phones or other personal electronic devices. Bonus- this can do both video and audio!

10 Best Podcasts for Your Inquisitive Teen– a list of the best podcasts for listening on your new Kindle!

Audible Membership– Hands down one of the best tools for our homeschooling high school!

Audible Channels– These are free for Amazon Prime members and offer a variety of narrative stories and clips. We love the Genius Dialogues which are features about MacArthur Genius Grant winners and their stories.

The Great Courses– available through Audible as well as other sources often focus on particular topics in history.

Audios are one of my favorite ways to learn new topics.

They are a convenient way to take learning on the go

and to take advantage of otherwise wasted time.

It’s never been easier to listen in and broaden your world.

Video Gifts for Your History Loving Teen

100 Awesome Educational Videos for Homeschooling High School

The options for historical videos are almost endless.

So, I’ll share a few of our favorites or popular movies.

Games for Your History Loving Teen

Games for history lovers are common.

Find your history person’s favorites

and play on!

Axis & Allies– a big game of WWII strategy similar to Risk. But way longer!

Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures: Bandits High– The starter set comes with both U.S. and enemy air craft and puts them in air battles.

Crazy Awesome Gifts for Your History Loving Teen
Crazy Awesome Gifts for Your History Loving Teen

There are more editions to some of these games.

I’m pretty sure we have all the versions of Memoir 44.

We had to wait until some came back into print.

The wait was worth it.

Collection complete.

We can now play through epic battles,

in every scenario,

with the right equipment and


The joy of watching my history loving teen play and narrate his way through each game…


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I love a good gift list!

If you want to find more gifts that speak to your teen’s heart, give these a try.

Those who love history,

love detail.

Enjoy browsing these history finds!

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