Ten Ways to Use Ordinary Notebook Paper

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Today’s post is a round up of ideas for using Ordinary Notebook Paper in your Homeschool. Notebook paper is a great friend of mine because it’s economical and easy to use. The possibilities are endless, really. Ten Ways to Use Ordinary Notebook Paper is a series of 10 posts from 2012 on how to use notebook paper for a variety of subjects.

The Dictionary Quest

  • The Dictionary Quest– When is the last time you had your kids use a print dictionary? This is a great endeavor if you haven’t done it before.
  • Writing with Word Cards– This is one of my favorite writing activities of all time. It works for any age at any time.
  • Teaching Grammar Using Dictation– Focusing on skills and practicing writing. Another go to activity for any age.

How to Write with Word Cards

  • Handwriting Paper– Notebook paper’s first cousin. I like to print my own using Start Write software. I can have my younger kids do dictation and copywork on this type of paper.
  • Engineering Paper– Another close relative, engineering paper makes a mathematician out of anyone!
  • Planners & Assignment Books– I’ve been a fan of the plain spiral notebook planner for many, many years. The best move I ever made and when I’m tempted to return to expensive or special printed pages, I find that simplicity always wins.

Using Engineering Paper

I prefer using notebook paper to finding the perfect printable or making my own. I’m never disappointed with the results because we spent our time doing rather than planning. Enjoy a new look at notebook paper!



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    1. I do too! The kids seem to like it a lot and having an engineer for a dad they can get firsthand directions.

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