Conversion: Missionaries of the Middle Ages Game

One of the projects E13 worked on during his year with the Middle Ages was a game. He opted out of the suggested projects from WinterPromise and created this game which is all about Missionaries of the Middle Ages.

The object of the game is to convert your area to Christianity by creating converts, churches, monks, and monasteries. You must collect resources during the game in order to achieve these goals.

He made the board with a Bare Book board and maps printed from the Uncle Josh’s map CD.
He chose missionaries that he studied and got the images from the History through the Ages Timeline figure CD from Homeschool in the Woods. We laminated them and I helped to cut them out- there were so many resource cards, we all helped!
In order to convert or do other actions, you must have a set of criteria like prayer, empathy, etc. Some ways are of converting are more full proof than others. Usually do so by force doesn’t work out.
These are the situation cards that give you the chance on how to convert the people you come across.
These are the choice you can make.
These are the solutions to the choice you made. These tell you how many converts you get or what else happens.
Not only did it earn a blue at the county fair, but it was chosen to go to State Fair!
We played the game to check its playability and E13 was making a list of changes he needs to make to the rules. We need to start with more resources for sure!

The game is on the way to the Great NY State Fair the week after next and he’s excited to see how it does. His last game: The Truth about New York was a Monopoly/Trivia game about NY and it got a blue at state fair. Either way, this game is a gem. Great job E13!

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