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Homeschooling high school math is no joke and Calculus is the final frontier for most high school students. In fact, if your student wants to study any science, engineering, or math, they will need to take Calculus. If your student is applying to a competitive program for college, Calculus is non-negotiable, regardless of their intended area of study. Homeschooling High School Self-Paced Calculus with Mr. D Math is a review of his new Calculus course.

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Disclosure: I received access to Mr. D Self-paced Calculus and I was paid for my time in writing this review. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

First of all, I’ve been waiting for Mr.D to release a Calculus course and it’s finally here!

I say finally because two of my first three homeschoolers did Calculus in high school, and as you might expect, there aren’t all that many math programs out there that include Calculus in their publishing plans.

So, it’s great news that Mr. D Math includes Calculus!

Who Should Take Homeschooling High School Calculus?

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I can’t imagine a world without Calculus. – Joshua

Let’s address this question first.

You might be thinking that your teen doesn’t need it, so we can avoid it.

Are you sure?

My philosophy is always to leave the door open for your teens as long as you can. Your teen may change their mind and you want them to be ready if they do.

a kindle cover of Principia by Isaac Newton on a notebook with a ruler and a mechanical pencil nearby
When our last senior was in late elementary school he read Principia by Isaac Newton. He was destined to take Calculus!

Here are some reasons to include Calculus in your homeschooled high schooler’s four year plan.

  • Plans for studying in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field– this is a must for math, engineering, and some other sciences.
  • Plans to apply to a competitive school– like an Ivy League school, service academy, or other prestigious institutions. Calculus is often seen as a bench mark that will tell an admissions officer whether to bother looking any further at your student’s application, even if their major is not a science or math field. Think your teen won’t apply to an elite school? There are good reasons to try that have nothing to do with ego.
  • Plans are not yet set, but they are considering a major in a science and math field– remember, we are all about keeping doors open!

Benefits of Using Self-paced Mr. D Calculus

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Maybe your teen has completed pre-Calculus and they are ready to tackle Calculus.

Mr. D Math Calculus is usually taken in your teen’s senior year, but some teens complete it early and can squeak in an extra year for Calculus II.

Teaching Calculus is a perfect time to try some outsourced classes.

In our homeschool, we only require one outsourced course- either in their junior or senior year.

Is high school math your choice for outsourcing?

Let’s talk about how this might work for your family.

  • Live Classes– This review focuses on the self-paced Calculus course, but I want you to know there are live classes as well. Live classes provide weekly lessons taught by an instructor in real time and requires some interaction from the students. This is a nice addition to your transcript when you need to describe any outsourced classes in The Common App as a homeschooling parent. (hint- that link takes you to a checklist for The Common App that outlines what homeschooling parents are responsible for…)
  • Self Paced Classes– This is our preferred method. It fits with our flexible homeschool and our current senior who is neurodivergent in so many ways, and who must work when he can work.
  • Summer Courses– These are a saving grace if you have a teen who is running a little behind the track for math and can begin to catch up. They also allow your teen to be flexible in his high school course planning!
  • Extra Practices– Every week emails arrive in your inbox to remind you of the help session.
  • Readiness Classes– What if you don’t know which class your teen is ready for? Not a problem!
  • Choice of Sessions– Your family can choose the day and time per week that suits your needs.
  • Affordable Options– Many online math programs have big price tags, but Mr. D Math Algebra II is cheaper than even our high school community college courses and the resources for your teen can’t be beat.
  • Online Help Resources– You are never left without help. Any time your student is working, they can get access to the lectures and help pages on the website.

One of the things I enjoy about Mr. D is his rapport with the students. When it comes to teaching teens, good rapport is essential!

Mr.D Math Calculus is NCAA Approved

If you are homeschooling a high school athlete who plans to pursue sports at a collegiate level, then you know all about the NCAA rules on what is acceptable for homeschooling high school curriculum.

Good news!

Mr. D Math high school math courses are approved by the NCAA.

This is a big deal for student athletes trying to compete in Division I and II collegiate sports.

Mr. D Math Courses Are Approved by the NCAA

The NCAA requires that students who want to compete within Division I and II college sports to have accredited or approved courses on their high school transcript. If you have student athlete, Mr. D Math Online Courses will help you to check that box!

  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
  • Calculus

Problem solved.

Pun intended.

Homeschooling High School Math with Mr. D Math is a sure way to get the instruction you want for your teen in a low risk environment.

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Learn More about Mr. D Math Self-paced Courses

How do you approach math with your high schooler?

Could you use some help?

Mr. D Math is an accessible resource for homeschooling families. So, step forward with confidence. Your math hero is ready!

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