Summer Adventures…

We took our last planned trip to go camping this past weekend and we tried out a new State Park on Lake Ontario. Southwick Beach turned out to be pretty nice though I was highly skeptical given a previous disaster at a park not far south of there. Admit it Dan. It was bad.

Camp central- our faithful LLBean Dome #6 tent kept us dry through plenty of rain all summer. The vestibule out front is the best. The bikes have been a fun diversion for the kids too. Just one left to train on a two wheeler and he is ready bell and all.

Friday we took a drive and visited some other parks to see where else would be fun to visit. The fun shapes in the sand under the surface of the lake were the only interesting/positive thing about Westcott Beach. Blech.

The light at Cape Vincent at the entrance to the St. Lawrence Seaway from Lake Ontario. The building to the right is the fog horn building. You should see the horns on the side facing the water. Wow.

Cape Vincent had a little museum near the ferry to Canada (the only one operating on the entire border between the US and Canada) and R9 thought the old sewing machines were quite fun.

We visited the DEC fishery at Cape Vincent where we saw this handsome guy…

After stopping at three more parks along the St. Lawrence River, we decided NONE of them were worth it. Until we came to Wellesley Island. It was amazing. Below is the view from one of the campsites. We picked out several we are going to try for next season maybe. With our new kayak. I’m just sayin’.

This about says it all. We had left the continental US.

This is a silly picture from the really tall two lane suspension bridge over the river on the way back to the mainland. It really looks like a thousand islands…

We stopped at roadhouse chain in Watertown, NY and visited the beach at sunset. Check out the sunset from the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. Nice, huh?

Saturday after breakfast we took a hike on the nature trail through the marsh to the beach.

The bugs were bad, it was hot, but look! The trail literally ended at the water.

We took a welcome dip.

I don’t want to say anything, but if you take a second glance you’ll see fall in the air in upstate NY. In August. Dan can make fun of me all he wants. I know the truth. Summer weather takes a turn about mid-August and despite the hot temps this past weekend it is true. Fall is just about upon us.

Another fun trip was had by all. I’m sorry to say the 2.1 version of the Smokilater 5000 was not finished in the test market. But palette wood sure does burn hot!

I’m sorta hoping for a fall trip, but we’ll see…Nashville is beginning to beckon (MOPS Int’l Convention) and we might not be able to fit it in.

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