Using Math Apps with Your Out of the Box Teen

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If you are homeschooling high school with a sick or neurodiverse teen, you may see them struggle with basic math facts and concepts. It’s a common question that I get when parents are talking with me about their teens. There are many accommodations we can make for our teens to do math without getting stuck on math facts, but you can also try more practice and exposure to help things along. Using Math Apps with Your Out of the Box Teen is all about how to employ these tools and we’ll take a look at a new app called Matica Quest.

teen holding a smart phone with a math app on it up close with the teen in the background

I received the advanced levels of Matica Quest as part of a review and I was compensated for my time in writing it. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. You can be confident that I only choose products that I think you will resonate with. Thanks for your supp0rt!

Sometimes our students feel stuck. That’s when motivation is at an all time low and making progress is extra difficult.

For sure, our out of the box teens can feel this way because they are trying to succeed in a world not built for their quirks.

Matica Quest from Optimal Math is an engaging, intuitive app that allows you to practice math operations quickly.

Introducing Matica Quest for Math Confidence

a picture of a math phone app in the exponent practice mode being held by a teen

Matica Quest is a mobile app for both Android and Apple that allows your kids to practice basic math operations plus exponents and negative numbers. So, let’s hear the facts:

  • Download the mobile app for Android or Apple
  • Choose a math skill and work through the levels within each topic.
  • Stop the monsters from getting to you by answering the math problem correctly
  • Enjoy the amazing graphics while your student practices those math skills
  • Purchase additional levels with a one time fee of $9.99 and right now you can catch the summer sale at $7.99.
  • Try out the game before you purchase it by playing the first level of each topic to get to know the game.

Why Use Matica Quest for High Schoolers?

screenshot of an app that gives the score and progress of the math game

Since my focus is on the high school years, you might be asking why I chose to review this product.

That is a fair question!

Let me answer it:

  • Low key practice– for teens who need the extra reinforcement through practice. Who doesn’t love a well made video game?
  • Struggling teens– one of the things I hear the most from the moms I work with inside Premium Membership is how their teens are just not getting the facts down. Brain fog has a way of doing that to you, plus, learning differences may mean they just don’t stick.
  • Multiple Ages– you can use this app with all of your students and it might be a great way to come together for some work. As my kids aged in our homeschool, I tried to have them work together on something each day.

Download Matica Quest

Download the Matica Quest mobile app and get started practicing math facts immediately.

Benefits of Playing Matica Quest in Your Homeschool High School

young person sitting on a red love seat with green pillows holding a phone and playing an app game

So, what can you hope to gain by having your teen play the Matica Quest Map?

Let me count the ways for you!

  • Great Fit for Neurodiverse Teens– especially those with ADHD because there is immediate feedback on their work
  • Low Stress Effort– it’s a hand held game that gives you a second try. It’s not like getting on your old Wii Fit after a long while and hearing the board insult you!
  • Engaging Format– with high quality graphics. It’s perfect for drawing your student in. Before they know it, they’ll be wielding that sword all over those math facts.
  • Easily Accessible– I love it when a learning tool is close at hand. Literally you can have this up and running in less than 30 seconds.
  • Busy Day Option– since it’s so easy to access the game on your phone, you can take it anywhere. Just think of not losing all school time as you race around your teen’s schedule!
  • All Basic Operations- you can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, and negative numbers. This has all the makings of a pre-algebra course.
  • Excellent Replay– there are levels within topics that cover many math skills. You’ll have a fresh start each time!

What I’d love to see in the future is more higher math. How about some algebraic equations?

Sneak Peek of the Newest Version of Matica Quest Math Facts

Enjoy this video as a sample of how the game works and a look at its contents before you try it on your own.

Download Matica Quest

Matica Quest Giveaway

teen holding up the phone with a math app on it as he smiles in the background

Optimal Math which created Matica Quest is generously giving way five codes to purchase the additional levels for free!


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  1. Looks interesting. Not knowing basic math facts can really trip you up and make everything else more frustrating. This should help in that area.

  2. Posting again to add that I struggle with keeping up with all of my kids, especially in the upper levels.

  3. I’d love to try Matica. My highschool son struggles with math. I do think practicing math facts through high school is helpful for a child like mine. I struggle because he is impulsive and doesn’t check his work. So, he ends up with more wrong than he should because of simple mistakes.

  4. Hope I’m in the first five! The thing I struggle with most is staying ahead of my teens. They struggle with new concepts… but once they have it, they soar ahead of me.

  5. I need all the help I can get with math for my 16 year old son! We’re working on pre-algebra right now and he has a hard time remembering basic procedures for solving for x and has trouble with exponents, negative numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and some math facts etc.

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