The Big List of You Tube Channels for Gifted Learners

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You might be thinking that your gifted learner doesn’t need any more time,

on You Tube.

Or video games.

Or “insert name of technology here”.

But, I want to challenge you to think beyond the normal paradigm

of screen time for kids

and consider how much it can assist you in your quest to keep a gifted

learner challenged.

The Big List of You Tube Channels for Gifted Learners will give you and your gifted learner some food for thought.

Intellectual Excitabilities & Gifted Learners

Because, let’s face it, if you have a gifted learner,

then you know it’s all about food for thought.

Lots of thoughts.

Big thoughts.

And little thoughts.

But always thinking.

And always pressing for more information.

In fact, the need to learn new information is so strong that if it doesn’t happen, your gifted learner can experience negative consequences.

Sound familiar?

It turns out, this is documented behavior for the gifted population.

ViHart You Tube channel- doodling in math class. She has plants on a table near her notebook and she is drawing planting spirals

And learning more about it, was life changing for our household and homeschool.

Enter Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities. Kazimierz Dabrowski was a Polish psychologist who identified five areas where gifted kids exhibit intense behaviors.

We know them as overexcitabilities or intensities.

See if you recognize your gifted learner in the descriptions below.

  • Intellectual– constant need for learning to the point where they are agitated if it isn’t happening, deep curiosity, love of knowledge and learning, avid reading, independent, analytical, and theoretical thinking.
  • Imaginational– vivid dreams, magical thinking, love of fantasy, daydreaming, good sense of humor, detailed visualization (Hey, Anne of Green Gables fans- Miss Anne is a perfect example!)
  • Psychomotor– rapid speech, impulsive behavior, compulsive talking, physical expression of emotions, sleeplessness, the need to move while thinking and talking. This one often leads to a misdiagnosis of ADHD.
  • Sensual– sensitivity to smells, tastes and textures, sensitivity to pollution, tactile sensitivity, appreciation of beauty in all forms, need for comfort
  • Emotional– extremes of emotion, anxiety, strong memory of feelings, problems adjusting to change, heightened sense of right and wrong and injustice

Think of it this way: The neurological patterns that make gifted people intense academically are at work in every facet of their life.

They perceive the world more intensely than others.

Our gifted children have many of these intensities and some all of them.

Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions? I know I do and I see my husband in them too.

All of our kids have a strong need to continually learn.

Which presents distinct challenges for us as homeschooling parents.

You Tube is an excellent source of new knowledge and perspectives which our gifted learners crave.

Benefits of Using You Tube with Gifted Learners

So, let’s talk about how You Tube can be a help.

  • Large Library– I’m not sure you can run out of content with so many channels that publish videos regularly
  • Wide Variety– of content from many different disciplines. There’s something for everyone and for one kid to switch things up.
  • Portable– Whether you are at home or running errands or in waiting rooms, You Tube can go with you. Kindles are great for this purpose, but mom’s phone will do in a pinch!
  • Commercial Free Option– if you have You Tube Red. We have it because we pay for a Google Play music subscription.
  • Leads to Conversations– The kind that let you participate in the Great Conversation. These are not to be missed!
  • Provides Content for Narration– I listen to narrations from my gifted kids pretty much all day long.

STEM YouTube Channels for Gifted Learners

stack of notebooks with a cell phone top showing the SciShow YouTube channel

Honestly, this category has the most channels.

And the size of our list reflects that.

If you have a STEM kid or teen, they’ll be in You Tube heaven.


  • viHart– Math content at a fast pace and a perfect presentation of Sharpie use.
  • Tom Scott– a maker channel. He does some pretty cool stuff related to flight.
  • SciShow– Explaining the unexpected and nurturing curiosity
  • Linus Tech Tips– videos on technology including reviews and tips
  • NurdRage– a channel for science nerds by science nerds, lots of chemistry
  • Cody’s Lab– science content
  • Nile Red– chemistry experiments
  • Vsauce– an exploration of our world
  • Numberphile– math exploration
  • Numberphile 2– more math concepts with more detail

Psychology YouTube Channels for Gifted Learners

Mind Field You Tube channel on an Amazon Kindle Fire 10HD

Our whole family enjoys Mind Field.

Vsauce is sort of a dude.

And he takes on big thinking topics.

Which we adore.

Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell– animated videos related to science and the ethics of science.

Mind Field– a You Tube red show (requiring a subscription with Google) which addresses psychological and brain phenomena

History YouTube Channels for Gifted Learners

notebooks with a smartphone on topic with The Great War YouTube channel on it and headphones sitting next to it

If you are looking for a way to extend history studies,

these channels will help.

Extra Credits take history to a whole new level.

  • Vsauce2– history oriented Vsauce videos
  • The Great War– a weekly video about the first world war released and produced as it happened over history. Our history kid loves this channel!
  • Extra Credits– making history come alive with animated videos on a variety of topics. It includes gaming history!

Writing YouTube Channels for Gifted Learners

Our writers often look to improve their craft.

And hang out with peers who pursue writing.

Channels aimed at writers offer challenges and tips.

  • Go Teen Writers– support for, you guessed it, teen writers. This fledgling channel is a bonus to the blog of the same name.
  • Jill Williamson– an author who shares tips on fantasy world building and she’s really into mapping fantasy worlds. This is king for a few of my kids!

More Technology for Gifted Learners

school supplies and a title with the you tube symbol

Technology is a wonderful tool for the homeschool mom toolbox.

For learners of all sorts.

More on Gifted Learners

book stack on an outdoor porch

If you have a gifted or accelerated learner in your homeschool,

you might be interested in reading more.

Work with gifted learners is a big part of our homeschool

from an early age through to graduation.

10 Best Podcasts for Inquisitve Teens

I expect this list to grow over time.

You Tube is a fountain of information.

And your gifted learners will find their niche.

Then you’ll learn a bunch of new things.

Because, of course, they’re going to tell you about it!

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