100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers

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Blog, She Wrote: 100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers

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Welcome to 100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers! You’ll find ideas and resources for doing beginner to intermediate and advanced sewing and craft projects. There are specific projects linked as well as general resources from Blog, She Wrote at the end.

Crochet Projects

Blog, She Wrote: 100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers

I keep a lot of ideas for crochet projects on hand for my daughter who loves to crochet. Enjoy a few below.

Knitting Projects

This is a set of project using both traditional needles and loom knitting.

Sewing Skills

These are links to tutorials on how to make your sewing skills better.

Sewing Camp Projects

Blog, She Wrote: 100 Sewing & Handicraft Projects for Homeschoolers

These are projects I chose to save for working with tween and teen girls during our sewing camp times. Feel free to use these just for fun!

Textile Crafts

Blog, She Wrote: Adventures in Sewing

This category contains yarn and other fabric crafts which are not necessarily sewing, crocheting, or knitting.

Nature Inspired Handicrafts

We love natural crafts at our house. Items made with natural materials always bring a smile to my face.

Holiday Projects

Whether you are looking for holiday items for Christmas, Easter or anything in between. You’ll find all sorts of manners of projects here.

Resources for Projects from Blog, She Wrote

Blog, She Wrote: The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Sewing in Your Homeschool

The links below are meant to be helpful sources for getting started in sewing and handicrafts with your students. Give your kids time and materials and see what comes out of it!

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Sewing in Your Homeschool– A page full of all the posts, links, and resources you need to get started with sewing at home. Whether or not you sew! There’s even a section on how to incorporate sewing into your homeschool.

Sewing Adventure Box– An activity box and materials for the sewing enthusiast in your life. You’ll find more project resources here and websites that serve has wonderful idea places.

Adventures with Yarn– A great list with project fun of all the things you can do with yarn. This is especially nice for beginners and does not cost a lot!

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas– I wrote a chapter in this book on getting started with sewing and how to mentor a beginner so they thrive.

sew collage 2

Yarn Fun Pinterest Board– This is one of my most popular boards and I add to it regularly. Many of the ideas for this list came from here.

Owl Pinterest Board– All things owls here. I adore owls and by the numbers of projects out there- so do others!

Historical Fashion Pinterest Board– This is the place where I set aside ideas for my daughter’s fashion history work.

Blog, She Wrote: Gifts for Kids Who Love to Sew

I hope you will find this post to be a great reference tool in the future. Pin it and come back to the ideas you like! Happy sewing & crafting!

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