Sewing Camp Day 1 (cont)


There was way too much to share in one post so I thought a new one was in order. After they sewed the applique to the pocket, it was time to sew the pocket to the pocket liner and finally attach the pocket to the bag. This library bag was a great project to choose because it let the girls practice a lot of basic sewing skills and ideas.

I decided to get some practice and make a bag. It was fun to participate with the girls and have a new bag at the end!
R11 played photographer as well…
Woohoo! The pocket looks nicely sewn to the bag.
Aren’t these stitches grand? I love that the liner comes over the edge of the pocket. I should mention that the bag directions call for french seams which I have to admit I really like making!
R11’s almost finished bag! She only needs to add the button. The strap gets a lining too which I had fun making.
This is the pocket on the strap which is for the library card. R11 chose to do the opposite and make the pocket in the bag color and the strap the lining fabric.
Handsome bag or what? Remember we changed the dimensions of the bag along with the length of the strap. Obviously for an adult we had to make the strap longer.
Love that creative mess! Yay for Sewing Camp!
The button- snappy little arrangement there, yes?
I finished my bag that night as well- who could stop the fun? Here I’m working on the strap.
My bag- just needed to sew that button on and it would be all finished. Isn’t that the perfect button? Buttons with a shank work best here and this one had a funky shank, but we made it work!
What a feeling of accomplishment! Ok…almost. I still need to put an embroidered apple stem on the apple with brown floss and when that is finished, so is my bag!

Just one more thing to share with you all. We made a little video for you. This was an excellent project choice for our first sewing camp day. We have three more days of sewing camp- two in August and one on September 1st. My vision was just to gather the girls together to work on a project and learn some new things, to spend time together and have fun, and to make something cool. Mission accomplished so far! The only thing I might change next time is to let my boys have a playdate at another house so it can be an all girls affair. This time we had an extra brother with us for a playdate at our house. So, four boys and four girls and two adults. We had the boys and girls eat lunch in shifts and everyone had fun, but it might be more fun for the boys if they had a day of their own. So, I will think on this. All in all it was a fabulous time and I encourage you all to try it!

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