10 Fun and Inspiring Books for Teen Writers

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Homeschooling High School writing doesn’t have to be boring! Fun writing can be a skill builder too. Plus, there is the added bonus of developing your teen’s writing voice. When it comes to writing, authenticity is key and using out of the box writing experiences helps your teen to fall in love with their writing voice. 8 Fun & Inspiring Books for Teen Writers will show you the resources we use to help our teens to feel like writers.

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After all, we want our teens to become effective written communicators and that comes with viewing yourself as a writer, not just a doer of homework.

Enjoy some of our favorite books that will lead your teen to more authentic writing!

Books to Encourage Journal Writing

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To be honest, I’m not much of a journal keeper in the traditional sense, although I do enjoy writing in my ink journal (any fountain pen lovers out there?) and I have success with keeping a Bullet Journal and a nature journal. The Bullet Journal Method focuses on intention, priorities, and reflection. I highly recommend it if you are overwhelmed.

However, these books are so much fun and they inspire me to try new things with my journaling. My teens loved them and I think yours will too!

6 Week Writer’s Workshop

18 word and writing exercises for all ages, perfect for a writer’s workshop format

Fun & Inspiring General Writing Resources

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This collection of books provides excellent assignments for a writer’s workshop.

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More Inspiring Word Play for Teens

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Six Week Writer’s Workshop– free and ready for starting immediately once you “purchase” for free though my shop!

How to Incorporate Fun Writing During the Summer– the way to be a better writer is to write! Check out these fun summer ideas.

How to Host a Summer Writer’s Workshop– You can piece together your own writer’s workshop and you’ll these books in action in this post.

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