6 Best STEM YouTube Channels for Homeschooling High School

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Out of the box teens homeschooling high school require a varied approach to instruction and I love to use YouTube Channels that focus on STEM to mix things up for our students. You can add them to just about any lesson and they really bring it home, especially if you’ve got some great content. 5 Best STEM YouTube Channels for Homeschooling High School shares our favorites. We hope you like them too!

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Video is a fantastic instructional tool, especially in this technological age. It’s also a quick win for neurodivergent students. They can add to a lesson or they can be the lesson. Finding good content is the key to video happiness. Below I’ll share our favorites with you.


Note: These channels are for high school and there may be some language or content you aren’t a fan of. Preview the videos first and remember who their audience is- teens. One of the hosts is kind of a mouth, but we love him!

Best YouTube Channel for Homeschooling High School Biology

Crash Course is a YouTube channels with loads of content. You can find it for many disciplines. Some are new and some have been around a while. This is true of Crash Course Biology. There is a new version currently being published, but we have a soft spot in our hearts for Hank Green and his hosting. Just remember these are for teens and I must confess, he’s kind of a mouth. But his audience is teens and he’s right on point.

Best YouTube Channel for Homeschooling High School Chemistry

Chemistry is difficult. It’s also required if you are going into a STEM field or you are applying to a competitive school. Our daughter, Rebecca, often says that chemistry takes the worst of math and science and puts all together in one course.

Your teen won’t be disappointed with Hank Green at the helm. His undergraduate degree is in chemistry and he is fabulously entertaining, though he is still a mouth.

Best YouTube Channels for Math

STEM also includes math and you can bet there are some fun math channels. We enjoy both Numberphile and ViHart. Numberphile is a busy channel with lots of concepts and curiosities.

ViHart is best known for her Pi rants. Have a watch from the most recent rant from March of 2023. Although, she is not producing tons of new content, her past content is good stuff and there’s a lot of it. ViHart is a fast talker, so it takes some getting used to. Enjoy!

More STEM YouTube Channels

Here are a few more channels you might find interesting for your teens. They over many topics in science an make lots of content! You’ll also find a lot of science in the news in these channels.

The first is SciShow. They are busy folks and you’ll see Hank Green there sometimes. Here’s a sample video.

The next is Kurzgesagt. Their production schedule is a little slower than most channels, but they tackle a lot of science in the news and it’s well done.

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STEM Opportunities for Your Teens

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You may find these courses help your students to engage more with their science courses.

Microscopic Marvels– this is a 9 month science course featuring microscopy. For $67, you can explore the world using your microscope and cover topics such as, cell biology, fiber science, modern and historical microscopy, and hands on scientific journal keeping.

Fairy Garden Workshop– this sweet little course is a lesson in horticulture with a whimsical touch. It’s for all ages, including high school.

Homeschooling High School by Design Membership– a community of moms who are homeschooling out of the box, sick, and neurodivergent teens. We meet three times a month and focus on topics the community brings to the table.

Other YouTube & Video Posts for Homeschooling High School

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Explore these YouTube channels with your teens and open a world to lots of STEM inspiration!

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